I JUST GOT YOUR RESUME’ SO… You Want To Be a General Manager or a GSM?

How Do I Perceive your resume? This is for Automotive.

First of all... I always check "Employment Gaps and Cover-Overs". Many people disguise their resume's to cover their bad references by extending dates on other employers. They also cover up too many jobs, or maybe they just can't get along with others. Beware of Job-hopping excuse makers.

I recently tried to help a young man get a management job, and he was extremely qualified, BUT; nobody would hire him because he had blown out of every job because he couldn't get along with people he worked with, know-it-all. Even had things covered up on his resume'. He had all of the excuses and stories about why he changed jobs in Rapid succession.

I always talk to the "Office Manager" He/She will usually tell you the "Dirt" that others will not. Never trust the people they list as references, or the dealer/gm for that matter, they are afraid of legal repercussions. The F&I Manager is also a great source of truth.

On a resume, I also look for reversals and setbacks. I never hire someone for top management whose resume says they were a manager previously and then went back into sales. I want someone whose career continuously progressed.

Many people make excuses why they reversed their career backwards. That's seldom the reason a person reversed their career. Usually, that excuse is a cover-up because someone couldn't hack it or wasn't ready the first time. I would promote someone to sales manager or service manager that had a bouncy career, but; not for top management.

I want someone who has held multiple management positions in Variable Operations or in Fixed. If they’ve always been a “Desk Manager”, I require F&I Background and Used Car Experience. If they're applying from a Fixed Operations background, I want Service Management and Service Writer and Tech experience. (body shop would be a bonus)

Can they read a dealership financial statement? Are they a candidate for dealer school courses. Bad grammar and misspelled words show a lack of detail and attention.

I want to see details. You’re applying for a GM or GSM position and you give me a one-page resume’? Oh well, it won’t burn out the motor in my shredder!

I want a clear statement of your vision and what you believe you can contribute to the dealership, as well as your management style and, if you are applying for variable background; I want to know your sales and technology philosophy. Send me a video selling yourself and your qualifications, I'll be impressed. There are too many professional interviewers out there.

Most of my career I've had to teach managers how to be managers NOT just how to work deals. SO Many sales people Do Not realize they really Do Not have a Management Mindset... they are too focused on the small picture. Until they realize that, they're stuck. Unfortunately non-qualified applicants always over-estimate themselves. "Desking a Deal" is only the smallest part of management... it is not a qualification for top management. I don't know you personally, whoever you are reading this, BUT; many people who don't get the job and they're bitter and angry, were never qualified for the job. They're living in denial.

Most excuses start with the words... "Well, What if this happened....?"

Everybody , please tag your Dealer and Your general manager on this post. I'd love to see some commentary from top management viewpoint.


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