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Evolution of a Dealership's Fixed Operations with Dave Foy | KPI Cafe Season 6 Episode 1

To kick off our newest season that's all about your dealership's fixed operations, Host Dane Saville is joined by the Fixed Ops Mastermind Dave Foy to discuss the evolution of fixed ops and how to extract much of the inherent value of the parts and service departments.

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The Importance of SEO for Car Dealers

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves creating relevant, keyword-focused content that helps improve your website’s visibility in organic search results for – purposefully – the things you sell. Keyword stuffing for the cities you service is somewhat old school.

The SEO process includes new landing pages, updating meta titles and…


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Digital Transformation Is Happening Now

With the advancement of technology and sudden wave of consumer adoption, the automotive retail sector is experiencing a global revolution and that can only be attributed to digitization. Thanks to digital platforms and solutions, dealers have experienced many recent changes.


Total retail sales in the United…


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Dealers See Bottom-Line Benefits from a Thorough F&I Product Portfolio Review

The world has witnessed drastic changes in just a few short months. The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly 50 million workers since the end of February, according to Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics in a recent CNBC1 report.

While Moody’s also believes “the COVID-19 recession is over1,” automotive dealers of every size should be taking this time to review every aspect of their business to ensure maximum readiness for when the…


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Used vs. New Sales Trends Week of July 4

Topic Expert: Jeremy Anspach, CEO of PureCars

Background: New-car inventory at the beginning of June was down by a third, compared to the same time last year, according to research from At the same time, June auto sales climbed about 3.3% from May, although they are down by 30% compared to a year earlier, according to estimates from Cox Automotive. So, what IS moving as we head into July? Jeremy Anspach…


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David Kain Interviews Steve Southin, Co-CEO of DiscoveryLoft About Their New Vehicle Inspection Tool

I am incredibly humbled that David Kain took the time to learn about PAVEInspect last week.

"David Kain, President of Kain Automotive interviews Steve Southin, Co-CEO of DiscoveryLoft about their new vehicle inspection tool, PAVE INSPECT. PAVE INSPECT allows…


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Don't Miss! Four Changes for Agencies & Dealers - Live Webinar

This Fourth of July marks a turning point for the car industry. This Fourth of July marks a turning point for the car industry. Basic paid search and social campaigns won’t be enough to convince buyers to go to your dealership instead of the closest competitor. Dealers have embraced digital advertising tactics, raising the bar…

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PureCars' Automotive Marketing Platform Receives Digital Advertising Certification For The Honda Dealer Program

Leading Digital Advertising Platform Helping Auto Dealers Drive Consumer Demand From COVID-19

ATLANTA, July 1, 2020 -- PureCars, a leading provider of digital marketing and advertising insights for automotive dealers, today announced it has been certified as one of the official providers of digital advertising for the …


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5 Tips to Train & Retain Salespeople

How well do you retain sales staff?  The average annual turnover rate for salespeople in our business is 67 percent, according to Automotive News.


That’s an alarming statistic when you consider it can cost upwards of $10,000 to replace one salesperson. This figure accounts for recruiting fees, on-boarding costs and potential lost revenue from missed deals.



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See what all the buzz is all about…at Auto CX Summit Series

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50% full – book today!

The Power of LIVE VIRTUAL Experiences!…


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Navigating through the sea of marketing methods car dealerships use in the digital age

Convincing people to make a purchase is an art of its own, no matter what you sell. But, if we were to compare selling cars with marketing beauty products, the former would be more challenging because cars are more expensive items. Lucky for you, they are also essential parts in someone’s life, so when they step inside a dealership, they’ve already decided to make the purchase. The only problem could be that they can’t find exactly what they need. In fact,…


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Four Keys to Eliminating BAD Customer Surveys, Forever.

Originally published in DEALER Magazine 

Frustrated with bad surveys?

Ever had a customer tell you they were “Completely Satisfied”, but then “trash”…


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Looking to Build Better Customer Relationships?

Customers are becoming incredibly sophisticated, elusive, and empowered since the latest digital retail wave. As a result, the dynamics of the relationship between brands and customers is evolving. But even in this new digital era of online engagement and transparency, the reality is that the relationship dealers should hope to have with customers…


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KPI Cafe Season 6: All Things Fixed Ops with a Great Lineup

I've never been more excited to launch a season of the KPI Cafe than what we'll release starting on Friday, July 10th. We are going to have a robust discussion on various aspects of your dealership's fixed operations with a great lineup of industry experts.

Dave Foy - Evolution of a Dealership's Fixed Operations



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Sales Happens on Every Channel… Is Your Dealership Prepared?

In today’s times, people are concerned about COVID-19 as are businesses. Technology has become more important than ever for both consumers to shop as well as businesses to stay afloat. Many dealerships were restricted from sales being open while some were allowed to only sell online. How, exactly, do you sell a car completely online to consumers who are…


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Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Car Dealership – A Step by Step Guide

To build customer trust and become an excellent leader, any entrepreneur needs an effective branding strategy for their business. It’s essential to keep in touch and communicate better with your potential and existing customers, answer all their questions, and build a strong connection. By doing so, you’ll…


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"It Doesn't Take a Genius" Zoom Cast 5 Part 1

Mark and Mike discuss the power of storytelling and its impact on your success. This was so juicy we separated it into two parts. In the comments tell us your story of when your ability to effectively share a story positively impacted your life.

To learn more about Mike visit…


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Automotive Lead Process Mapping (Part 2)

As the automotive lead process is not a new thing. It has become obvious there is a collision between the dealership’s automated systems and human engagement. If you missed our previous post click here


Today, we will focus on the first two steps in the lead development process. The autoresponder…


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When Automation And Your Sales Team Collide (Part 1)

I love to create experiments. I am a big nerd at heart.

Right now, we are conducting an experiment about sales lead follow up and effectiveness that I wanted to share it with you. We tested 100 dealerships and recorded exactly how they responded to an internet lead request.…


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Phone Skills Pay the Bills

Phone Skills Pay the Bills


How many times have we heard this: “The customer is on the way and it’s a done deal!”

The salesperson washes the car and pulls it up front. He/she throws a Sold Sign on the dashboard and waits, and waits and waits….

The customer never shows.

The Sales Manager calls the customer only to be told the customer went to the wrong dealership and decided to purchase there, or something to that effect. The point here is that it could…


Added by Jason Herron on June 26, 2020 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

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