What a world it would be with a change of mindset.

In our dealerships, the engine that drives success isn’t the cars, It’s the PEOPLE, culture, and processes behind the scenes.

Imagine walking into a dealership where the air is full of energy, and every team member greets you with a smile that says, "Welcome, let's find your dream ride.”

People are the heart of the dealership, from sales professionals who know every detail of the models they sell to the technical wizards in the service department who can diagnose a car with a glance and a listen. (Wishing)

They are not just employees; they’re enthusiasts, a team, a family without department borders, and experts who bring their passion to every customer and employee interaction.

Imagine running any business and having the perception that you are doing so well, to find an online post or even worst hundreds of them. Everyone is talking so badly about you and how you may do business, or even worse getting personal. This alternative is not something any of us want or need to find. And with today’s technology and generations mentality. It is out there already.


Imagine running any business and you’re fully staffed with raving fans, your own team of Avengers, one team, 1 family. Everything working cohesively, No drama, No turnover, thus saving your sanity! You Have so many applicants in love with your vision, you’ve got a line around the block. You now have to build the next location and continue to expand.

Having this type of culture is possible, not spending top dollar for bad habit employees out of desperation, just to fill a spot…….. Not throwing signing bonuses like you’ve become the military recruiting station. How does that air smell? Like success? I think so!

The culture within a dealership is like the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly, do you remember cash for clunkers and how much fun it was to blow up all the engines? It’s not like that!

It's built on a foundation of trust, respect, and a shared goal of not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations as each person would act as if they owned the dealership.

This culture champions ongoing learning and adaptability, ensuring that everyone, from the front desk to the finance office, is on top of the latest automotive trends and technologies.

Processes are the gears that turn the wheels, from the initial greeting as customers walk through the door to the final handshake when they drive off the lot. These processes are constantly being refined to make the car buying and servicing experience as seamless as possible.

It's about creating an environment where efficiency meets empathy, tailoring every interaction to the customer's needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

Dealerships that master the art of people, communication, culture, and processes don't just sell cars; they create relationships and experiences that drive loyalty and referrals. It's a dynamic, ever-evolving world where tradition meets innovation. The road ahead may seem scary and exciting, but let’s reset and do better today for a brighter tomorrow.

Never think It’s too late or that change isn’t possible. Miserable and negative people crave spreading their misery, but positivity spreads just as fast – if not faster!

Phil Spagnoli

Dealers Coach


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