As a vendor...I would like your opinion on a question that has me up in arms?

As many of you know I pride myself on finding first in class, best in class technology that helps dealers. I grew up in, worked in and vendored in our industry for many years. I love to give back to this industry which has given me so much and helped me grow professionally in so many ways. Although returning to retail comes to mind every day, I look at my boys and realize, I want and need this time with them. Plus the fact that I have experienced more sucess as a vendor than I did when I was in retail. However, things have changed in a big way. We now have more vendors than we ever did back in 99'.

TMI so let me get to the point. I know I have the best, most profitable technology system around. It's not too good to be true, nor is it perfect. However as of right now, there's nothing like what I have that can hold a candle to our patent pending technology. My question is a movement in our industry many vendors are offering free month trials and other's are still wanting to sign contracts. We have alot of cost in our service. Is offering a week long trial a good idea? Or, is asking for a contract better? There are a alot of mixed thoughts with friends I speak with every day. So I thought at this point I'll ask the masses for their opinion. Any feedback is much appreciated in advance. BTW...if we were to offer a one week free trial it costs us $500! But by doing this does this give us more of a chance at closing more business once they realize how well this works?


Best Regards & Good Selling!

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