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April 7th, 2020
[TOTOWA, NJ, APRIL 7TH, 2020] — : AutoReprice.com has announced the launch of its unique & patent pending pricing model to eliminate the inefficiencies from automotive buying and selling experience. Site allows the sellers mainly car dealers to list their inventories with pre- approved weekly discounts and get verified buyers. AutoReprice is quite different from all the other classified sites as dealers information is not shared on AutoReprice.com unless dealers want to share with a potential customer. This allows dealers to offer better discounts through this 3rd party site without impacting dealer’s own pricing on its own website or through a physical location.
AutoReprice.com is equipped with an aggressive social media marketing team and has infrastructure to promote the dealer inventory to much larger audience. Unlike classified sites, AutoReprice.com requires the buyers to pay a small deposit to reserve to inspect the vehicle which means that all the leads are genuine and verified. These leads do not require any further negotiation as buyers are obligated to buy the vehicle at the price for which they reserved it. Buyers get three days from the time they reserve a vehicle to perform inspection and have the option to cancel their reservation if they don’t feel comfortable for any reason e.g. dealers information was incorrect about vehicle or price was not correctly exhibited by the dealer. If buyers don’t buy the vehicle they reserved, buyers lose their deposit which compels them to go all the way with the transaction.
Buyers get better deals through AutoReprice.com and do not have to go through lengthy negotiations and other surprises which they usually face while walking into a dealership otherwise. AutoReprice.com gives them a respectful way to reserve the car at the advertised price and go to dealership with a confirmed price which buyers love.
AutoReprice.com is a win-win cars buying and selling experience for both consumers and sellers especially dealers. AutoReprice.com is offering aggressive packages to dealers as its introductory offer including three free months of verified leads. For additional information, please send email to build@autoreprice.com or call 501-444-2886 (Auto).

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