Employee engagement means a lot in the car dealership business. Engaged employees can make your business and disengaged employees can't only decrease the sales but can also lead to customers' dissatisfaction and efficiency in organizational tasks. In this forum post, I am going to tell you some effective tips to keep your employees engaged. 

  • First of all, as a boss of a car dealership business, you must need to understand the significance of employee engagement. You can read quality stuff regarding the need for employee retention over the internet. This article ( https://www.millforbusiness.com/why-is-employee-engagement-important/ ) would also be very effective to understand why employee engagement is important. 
  • Similarly, you should create a healthy culture at the workplace to boost the confidence of each employee.

  • Appreciation is also necessary to increase employee engagement. It has been seen that most of the bosses don't appreciate the contributions of different employees and always try to point out the weaknesses of employees. However, little appreciation can change the day of employment and can motivate him/her to perform her/his job in an ideal way. With appreciation, if you offer some incentives like free family trips and tickets then it could be a very appealing approach. As it is NFL season then you can also give them free NFL tickets if they are vaccinated or even can subscribe to NFL Game Pass by using this guide https://www.firesticktricks.com/watch-nfl-game-pass-on-firestick.html as a bonus for those who are trying hard in your sales team. 
  • You can also give team passes to enhance the bonding among your teams if it is about watching NFL matches in the stadium or even in the dealership. 

  • By the same token, it will be a good idea to organize outdoor activities like boat parties for your employees. If I share my personal experience, our dealership HR got an all-inclusive $119/person ticket from this Miami boat party website for our sales team last month. And noticed a huge improvement in sales. However, it was a customized theme and only our teammates were on the cruise.  

I came up with a few tips but if you have more then please share them with us. 

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