Hello Ladies and Gentlemen


My name is Joe Tareen and I am the President and CEO of a start up company called Drive Alliance out of Dallas, Texas.


Here is our mission statement:

For all OEM franchised service centers, Drive Alliance is dedicated to making sure that there is no service bay empty, no service technician without work, and no service advisor without an active task at all times. Our seamless multi-solution auto service platform will help OEM franchised service centers continue to please and service both today’s and tomorrow’s customers. What gets measured, get improved and what gets improved gets acknowledged.


How will we do it?

 We are trying to introduce the concepts of Revenue Management into the OEM franchised service centers. These concepts are being used successfully by the Hotel and the Airline industry. 



As we all know that every day OEM franchised service centers continue to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of customer pay revenue. What is so puzzling to me, is the inability of these service centers to quantify these losses in terms of dollars and cents.  A Service Manager or a General Manager can always provide with how much customer pay business they captured for a given day, however they will never be able to give you the number on how much customer pay revenue they actually let go out the door! Isn't that amazing?


 It is 2011 and OEM franchised service centers have no clue what their potential revenues are for not just in a given geographical marketplace but even for thier existing active customers.  Of course the current level of technological non-sopistications is one of the major reasons for this lack of insight into their own business operations.



Towards that end we have set out to create an auto service platform that  in essence will be an end-to-end multi-solution platform.  I will be representing my company as an Allied attendee at this upcoming NADA convention in San Francisco and would love to share the details with anyone interested.


We are virtually finished with building the core of the application which among many innovative features also includes a state of the art fully customizable and dynamic 'Service Recommendation Engine' that allows OEM franchised service centers to create multiples of service schedules with multiple of service intervals and many different variations of Individual Maintenances and Scheduled Maintenances. From each customer record you are able to select the most optimum service menu for each customer vehicle!  The application does all the heavy lifting for you from that point onwards. This solves the current challenge that many dealers face when attempting to resolve the "Maintenance Minder"  strategy espoused by the OEMs versus the dealership's own revenue and profit objectives. This is a clear departure from anything that is currently available in the marketplace.


 I am very excited to share my four years of R&D with my fellow Fixed Ops professionals. I have purposely kept a very low profile while working with local dealership for the past four years. If you would like to know details, please feel free to contact me anytime. Let's get together at the NADA if you are planning to attend. I would like to meet each and everyone of you. We will be searching for partners and resellers that best fit our company objectives or just professional who share the same vision and philosophy.


There is a plenty of opportunity on the Fixed Ops side for dealers, consultants and vendors alike. Let's learn from each other and make the OEM franchised service centers compete with the 'Aftermarket' once again and win.




Joe Tareen

Drive Alliance, LLC



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