We recently got a bunch of Tesla Model 3 vehicles via a private dealing with the sellers and its time, we want to flip them to get good money. As all of us know that Tesla vehicles are being treated in another way as compared to petrol and diesel ones because they are electronic. That's why we bought electronic screen cleaners to clean the screen and install the glossy logo decal bundle to improve appearance.

However, now, we are willing to improve its interior and willing to install some high-quality floor mats. In this regard, I need your suggestions. In the beginning, we were willing to go with Vanku mats but later, one of my friends suggested this all-weather Tesla 3 mats to us. I found good reviews about this product but still confused either it would be the right choice especially in terms of saving money.

What are your views in this regard? We also saw all-weather floor liners at Tesla shop with a price of each part $95. All in all, I am confused and want some good suggestions from you.  

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