I'm currently working on launching a social video campaign for our dealership, I was wondering if anyone here knew of a couple of websites i could use to help get the word out when I get ready to launch, I will be posting here as well as any other sites you all may recommend. I really want this to work so getting the word out before hand is a must. 

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My name is Kenny Jackson with a company called www.car-mercial.com - We are the largest video SEO Company in the Automotive Industry. We are now launching the largest video social campaign for dealerships wanting to launch on all social. Each dealership will have access to 220 premium videos.

Please contact: Kenny Jackson 949-388-5823

Danny please do your research before you sign up with any video marketing company. You don't want to get locked in any contracts. The number one question to ask a video marketing company is  "what do they do with the video?".

Video Blogging comes with our platform and is deadly!

You are not looking for a set and forget video platform. We offer free help and "HOW TO" that way you can learn how Social Video Content Marketing really works.

Good Luck And Take Care!


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