We are Looking for the BEST Rebuttals for the MOST COMMON Objections for Sales Consultants

We are Looking for the BEST Rebuttals for the MOST COMMON Objections for Sales Consultants

Most commonly heard objections:

Price too high
Want to look at other vehicles
Just started shopping
Researching online
Saving money for future purpose
Just looking
Availability, you don't have what I want
Credit challenged
Need to Think about it
I can get a better price elsewhere
Not enough for my trade
Kelly blue book is higher
Significant other not present
Don't need to drive the car (demo)
Don't have time
On lunch break
I hate car salesman

I am looking forward to your thoughts!

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This one is from Grant Cardone on the spouse isn't here complaint: "Does he/she know you are here? She does? Ok, then she knows you are here to buy a car? Ok, good. Did she tell you what you can or cannot buy? Ok, good. Then it sounds like you are doing everything she has told you that you are able to do. Let's make this happen. Sign here and here and I'll go get the car gassed up and detailed for you."

These are just perfect to blog about and write articles about! With the right content and call to action you will sell tons of cars!   

The titles would go something like this...

Is the new or used car your locking at Price too high?
Why you should look at other vehicles before you Lease or Buy?
Just started shopping for a new or used car?
How to do the best Researching online for your new car or truck?
How to saving money for future purpose when shopping for a car?
Just looking for the right dealership to trust can be a drag


I agree with you 100%!  These are great topics...would you mind if I stole a few of them from you?  I have the hardest time trying to come up with topics to write about and you and Sean gave me some great ones.

Thanks again!

The "Magic" in this is to overcome as many objections as possible online to have a higher lead conversion and more phone calls coming from buyers and shoppers! 

Half the job is done when you can answer objections online, plus the dealership becomes more of a trusted source!


PS Tip of the day...

Check your inbox everyday and look for the most common objection and blog about them.

When a customer uses that objection in a email, send them a link to the blog and follow it up with a phone call.  

Let's talk sometime David:)

Manny Luna

I appreciate the tip Manny, that is yet another great idea.  You are just full of it...I mean them, you are full of them (with "them" being great ideas). :^)


If you are going to be at Digital Dealer next week, maybe we will run into each other.


Good stuff Sean.  Maybe one day I'll be good enough to get on board with you or Jerry T. :)

Now that these are listed what are some of the best ways to overcome these rebuttles?  I know theres a way around all of them however I'm interested in hearing other ways around them that I might not know about. 


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