The book every salesperson must read to even be called a salesperson!!! The Strangest Secret By Earl Nightengale

  I have read this book several times , I also own the classic tape cassette series that I purchased in the early nineties, still need to burn those to a cd! LOL, but anyway if you haven’t heard of Earl Nightingales get on Amazon and buy it all!!!

This guy was ing things in 1950’s that are still current today, his insight to achieving the success you truly want and desire are on the money!

To think of the foresight he had in a time where America was at its best, fresh out of a depression , war, and before the any of the craziness started(hippies, drugs ,disco, and computers ), but he was still sending the message that we can all do more, we can achieve greatness, we live in the greatest land of all the land of opportunity!

I imagine Earl would be disgusted by the occupy movement, I think his advice to these people would be to look at your situation, find something you are good at and start to create your own opportunities!!! Don’t wait for a hand out and criticize the successful!

 Earl points out that in America opportunities are equal, they don’t discriminate, they aren’t reserved for any certain class or race, they simple require you to take action and then own the opportunity and make it what you envision it to be.

The strangest secret has been called many things but the truth is it’s not a secret and the only thing that makes it strange is that more people don’t apply it to their lives. Imagine what a world of hurt we would be in if the mindset of our current population was transported in time back to the settlers days, and it was on them to establish the work ethic and structure that our country was built on , Would we survive? I don’t think so I think we would not have the innovation that has propelled us to greatness.

I think of the power books like this have to form our thoughts, and I  wonder why they aren’t on the required curriculum of our schools? I would love to see a new subject offered at our public high schools that is made up of great books  like this one, in addition to others By J Paul Getty, and of course Napoleon Hill, and so on. I think that is going on my list of things I will do! Introduce the course at our local high school, I mean I can’t think of the last time I thought about some of the books we were forced to read, I mean they were good but they didn’t make me more successful, thats for sure!! Let me know your thoughts….

  Great Audio for a sales meeting.... Know what your're looking for, or you wont reconize it when you find it!                                         EN-AcresOfDiamonds.mp3


 Next week I think we will go for another classic Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill….




Todd Des Marais



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