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Leading with Level One Accountability

There are four levels of accountability in any organization, and within the departments of that organization. And while each department, and the organization itself, is normally a blend of all four levels depending on the time of the month, the leader of that department, and other factors, there is one level that will dominate. As I share the four levels, evaluate which most dominates the area you spend most of your time, and what steps can be taken to improve accountability there.…


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Consistency is the Key

In this episode of The Game Changer Life, Dave welcomes Ethan Happ - Wisconsin Men's Basketball star, 2-time All American, and winner of the 2019 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award. With impressive achievements both on and off the court, Ethan and Dave discuss insights on consistency, overcoming adversity and heartbreak, the power of giving back to those less fortunate, and more. Don't miss the many applicable life lessons within! Stream or download today from Apple Podcasts or …


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Greatness is a Choice

We each have the potential for greatness; but, ultimately achieving greatness is a matter of our choices. In this episode Dave talks about making better choices so that no matter what you do, or whatever you aspire to do, you can become great at it. Listen now at 


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The “Wow” is Worth It!

Author Joe Calloway described a “brand” well in his book Never by Chance: “A brand is defined as a trademark or distinctive name, reputation, or capability that identifies and differentiates a product or service from the competition, for better or for worse.”

Every company has a brand, that’s not the question. The questions are: Does your brand positively differentiate you or render you to commodity status; and, does it elevate or diminish the value people see in doing…


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Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?

When it comes to your thinking, you either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. Because your thinking determines your behaviors and your behaviors determine your results, if you want to live the game changer life that yields high-performance results, you need a mindset that is growing. This episode gives you the rundown on traits of a fixed mindset, and traits of a growth mindset, so you can fine tune your mindset and keep it on the path towards growth. Listen today at …


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Personal Potential Portal

If you're ready to consistently stay more motivated, build a better team, and make more money, you need my brand new Personal Potential Portal now!

You've heard about my online training platform for teams, but for the first time in LearnToLead's twenty-year history, we've decided to offer an online training platform INDIVIDUALS can subscribe to and invest in themselves - and the Personal Potential Portal is that solution.

Stream first-class leadership, sales,…


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Are You a Team Elevator or Devastator?

Are you an elevator or a devastator? No matter what team you're on, you're either adding or subtracting value based on your being selfless or selfish. My newest podcast episode compares and contrasts these two tendencies so you can see how you measure up. Listen to it today at https://bit.ly/2SKMHD1…


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Bring Out the Best of Your Talent

In his book, Talent is Never Enough, author John Maxwell says, “Too many talented people who start with advantages over others lose that advantage because they rest on their talent instead of raising it. They assume that talent alone will keep them out front. They don’t realize the truth that if they merely wing it, others will fly past them. Talent is more common than they think. Mega-best-selling author Stephen King asserts that, ‘Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the…


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Run a “Red Belt” Business

Within our LearnToLead Elite Training Center adjacent to our Agoura Hills, California offices, I have a “Wall of Influencers”. On the wall are three separate photo displays where I’m posing with a substantial mentor in my life: John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar and Johnny Gyro. Maxwell and Ziglar are renowned writers, speakers, teachers and motivators. Johnny Gyro is not known in business circles, but as a ninth dan seven-time world champion karate master, represented in three separate karate halls…


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The Foundation of Accountability

I’ve written and spoken extensively about accountability in the twenty years since we started our company, Learn To Lead: how to do it, why it’s important, the consequences for not doing so, and more. In my recent How to Master the Art of Accountability seminar attendees found it helpful when I identified and outlined the two non-negotiable pillars of accountability, and how to develop both.

Essentially, holding people accountable requires both the right skill set and the…


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How to Thrive Amidst Chaos

Chaos comes and goes from all our lives, sometimes having a full blitz on us, while other times having just a minimal presence here or there. Regardless of how much chaos surrounds us at any given time, its effect is still the same - distracting us and hijacking our focus from what matters most. In this episode, Dave shares vital principles to help you thrive amidst the chaos that can easily distract you, and live your life as game changers do. Listen to it now at …


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Signs and Symptoms of a Dysfunctional Team

“Dysfunctional” is defined as not operating normally or properly; having malfunctions. Following are signs of a healthy and functional team, as well as their dysfunctional counterparts. Consider which characteristic most resembles the team you spend most of your time in your organization.

Two Quick Openers on Dysfunctional Teams:

1. Dysfunctional teams are often successful teams that in reality are missing their potential by immense margins. Ironically, the team’s…


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Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy

It’s common to complain that “this or that person stressed me out,” or that a particular situation creates undue stress in your life. It’s even more common that these “stressors” are external conditions or people under which we have little or no control. This creates a feeling of helplessness that affects both confidence and effectiveness. A hard truth is that much of the stress leaders endure in the workplace, or in their personal lives, is self-induced. It’s not a matter of conditions, but…


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The Six Common Temptations of Playmakers

Consistency is a key separator between the playmaker and the game changer. When it comes to consistency there are some common temptations that playmakers are prone to fall for, which leave them falling short of becoming unstoppable - and this episode describes 6 that you'll want to be aware of as you work towards the game changer life. Listen to it today at https://bit.ly/2QpxkCK.

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Five Ways to Take the Road Less Traveled

It's not crowded at the top; it's crowded at the bottom, where there's intense competition amongst the mediocre - those who do just enough to get by, get paid, or not get fired. The road less traveled is the path for getting to the top, and in this episode Dave shares five ways that you can take that journey towards the game changer life. Listen today at https://bit.ly/2SuKooE…


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Train anywhere, anytime


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Drive Drama-Babies from Your Dealership

There is little that is less productive for a team member to engage in than drama, and to subsequently become a “drama-baby” in the process. In fact, there is little that equals drama’s ability to distract from priorities, waste time, drain energy, and make Alps out of anthills.

“Drama” is the result of immature acts, committed by small-minded and selfish people who are either indifferent or oblivious to the negative value they inflict on both culture and teammates. While any of…


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Fix the Roof While the Sun is Shining

JFK once said, "The best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining," meaning don't wait for something bad to happen before making a change. The natural tendency in life is to wait for the bottom to fall out before making a change to improve our life - we wait for the heart attack, for the spouse to walk out, to be passed over or fired, and more. This episode shares areas of your life where you can't afford to wait if you want to get to game changer status. Listen to it and go fix the…


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How to Lead from the Middle

The challenges posed by leading from the middle were framed well by John Maxwell who wrote, “One of the toughest things about being a leader in the middle of an organization is that you can’t be sure of where you stand. As a leader, you have some power and authority. You can make some decisions. You have access to some resources. At the same time, you lack power in other areas and if you overstep your authority, you can get yourself into real trouble. Unless you are the owner or CEO, your…


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Master the Art of Accountability

Join the LearnToLead team next month at our Elite Center for two whole days on accountability with "Mr. Accountability" himself - Dave Anderson! For details and event registration, visit https://bit.ly/2Q3ZHTk today, or call our team at 818-735-9503.…


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Leading with Level One Accountability

There are four levels of accountability in any organization, and within the departments of that…See More
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