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Spotting the “Right” Leaders in Your Organization

How do you spot potential leaders in your organization? Is it the person that keeps asking for the promotion, for more responsibility, and has the drive to push their way into a leadership position? Probably not. To paraphrase Oswald Sanders, “The office should seek the leader more than the leader seeks the office.” This is not to say that ambition to grow and to want promotions is undesirable. It is, in fact, desirable as long as the person clamoring for more power is not in a state…


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Despair Doesn't Mean Defeat

At different points in our life, we can be inspired by others' stories of overcoming setbacks, traversing through adversity, and getting over hard times - using them to help strengthen ourself or to help others in their time of need. In this episode, Dave shares a true and personal story to help you in that regard, and prepare you and those you care about to be better able to live the game changer life in the face of despair. Give it a listen at …


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The Game Changer Life Podcast - Release Update

Starting this week, to help listeners catch up on missed podcast episodes and fine tune aspects of their performance and life by revisiting some of the 110 I have recorded so far, we're starting a new cadence of weekly podcast releases: alternating between a Tuesday episode, and a Friday episode. Stay tuned for the Friday 2-Minute warning later this week, and next Tuesday's special can't-miss episode on the topic: Despair Doesn't Mean Defeat.…


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Ready to become an Unstoppable Dealership?


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Make Today a Masterpiece

In today's society there is too much of a prevailing mindset that we have "throw away days" - that it is excusable to perform less than your best today, because there is always tomorrow. We each only have so many days, and the danger of this mindset is that it will leave you falling short of reaching the game changer life. In this episode Dave shares ways that you can make not only today, but every day, a masterpiece. Get more out of each day and max it out with the help of this episode: …


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Learning Leadership from Coach John Wooden

The late and legendary John Wooden is regarded by many to be one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. In his storied 40-year career as a coach his name became synonymous with success, having had only one losing season: his first. As the head of UCLA’s men’s basketball program, his teams won 10 National Championships in a 12 year span – 7 of which were in a row – and had four undefeated seasons. Prior to his death in 2010 at the age of 99, he was honored in the College…


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7 Ways to Benefit from Rejection

Rejection is a part of life. Whether it’s for a date, a job, a promotion, a loan, or something else, the way you handle rejection has the power to elevate or devastate you. In this show Dave shares 7 ways that you can interpret and benefit from rejection, so that it fuels you towards your goals, keeps…


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THIS is the Game Changer Life

What does living the game changer life really look like? What is the unstoppable mindset really all about? In this episode Dave answers these questions and more to help paint a portrait for you to see what living the game changer life is truly all about. Identify where you are in relation to the key points shared, and make adjustments to get or stay on track towards living the game changer life. Listen to it today on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, or at …


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Giving a “Little Bit Extra”

In my Mission Unstoppable workshop (based on my book Unstoppable) I play a short video of six-time national champion and legendary Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant speaking to new recruits about the power of every player giving a “little bit extra” — across the board and at every game. There is a leadership application of this philosophy in business for, over time, lifting “caretaker” status team members to levels of performance that both they — and their manager — may not have…


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The Power of Robust Relationships

Part of living the game changer life is having robust relationships with people in all aspects of your life: if you're in the workplace, if you're on a team, with your family, and with your friends. Game changers understand what it takes to develop robust relationships with people, and this episode's 9 tips will help you not only bring your current relationships to a new level, but head into new relationships with the right mindset to make life more fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable.…


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Change the Game at Your Dealership

Change the game at your dealership by bridging the gap between the experience your customer has shopping for a car online and what they experience when they show up at your dealership. Are you ready to get SAVY? Visit www.easycare.com/LearnToLeadSAVY to learn more and schedule a demo. …


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Staying Hungry

In this episode, Dave welcomes special guest and three-time Big 10 basketball champion Max Bielfeldt to the LearnToLead studios. Together they discuss hunger in relation to goals, what constitutes a great teammate, remaining focused despite injuries and external conditions that may be outside of your control, and much more! Listen in to help ignite or refuel your hunger as you work towards the game changer life, and share it with those you care about to help them do the same. …


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Loyalty is Performance

Loyalty, tenure, and seniority are commonly confused, but game changers understand that loyalty is performance. Tenure and seniority can become a license for laziness for team members not content to work as hard or as smart as they once did; and, without a proper understanding of loyalty, you could be holding yourself back from living the game changer life. This episode shares ways you can show loyalty, so that you can evaluate your own mindset and performance, and help those you care about…


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If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

In a world increasingly picking up speed, passive leaders have never been more vulnerable. Recent history has demonstrated in business it’s no longer so much a matter of the big eating the small, but the swift eating the slow. Obviously, this dynamic puts the careers of those content to wait for things to change on a leadership endangered species list. You know what I mean—those content to wait for:

• A better product: “Once the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ model gets here we’ll be rocking.”

• A…


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The Truth About Hard Work

Many people think they're hard workers simply because they put in a lot of hours and are busy during the day; but, the truth about hard work is that if it isn't smart work, it's dumb work. Game changers understand the difference between hard and smart work, and in fact do both. This episode from Dave shares the truth about hard work so that you can end your days feeling energized, motivated, and accomplished, rather than unfulfilled, depleted, and frustrated. Get it now and work towards that…


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The Miracle of Encouragement

Game changers are interested in not only getting better themselves, but also in helping lift and elevate others to a whole new level. They are masters in the art of encouragement, and understand its potential to create a miraculous moment in a situation, in someone's day, or in someone's life. This episode from Dave shares thoughts and steps on encouragement, and how this simple act that costs you nothing can bring welcome consequences to both your life and the lives of others. Listen to it…


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The Power of Now

If you've listened as Dave signs off his podcast episodes, you've heard him say there's power in now; and, with his newest podcast episode you get an inside look at how important that power is in helping you to become unstoppable! Listen to it today, and share it with others to help them understand and leverage the power of now. Stream and download for free at https://bit.ly/2HYgyXW…


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The Game Changing Wisdom of Jim Rohn

The newest podcast episode from Dave Anderson shares thoughts and game changing wisdom from the late and great Jim Rohn, who was a mentor and source of inspiration to leaders worldwide. Don't miss out on the principles shared in this episode. Applying them can help you become #unstoppable! Stream, download, or share for free today via …


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Lighten Up!

Lighten up! Catch the Friday 2-Minute Warning today at and don't take yourself too seriously!…


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The Game Changer Performer

Game changers consistently bring higher levels of effort, energy, enthusiasm, excellence, passion, attitude, focus, and integrity to all they do. In this new podcast episode Dave shares areas where game changers, and aspiring game changers alike, focus on growing so that they can more consistently bring those 8 key traits and deliver unstoppable performance day in and day out in all they do. Stream, download, or share for free via…


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