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What To Look For In An Automated Workflow Solution

From sales to finance, and IT to marketing, workflow automation can liberate almost any departments from the burden of tedious manual processes. A workflow automation process begins with a clear objective and ends at process evaluation. I have already discussed the handful of ways in which dealers are already using automation so let’s take a look at how…


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How a Simple Analog Device Inspired a Digital Powerhouse

Kevin Systrom, one of the co-founders of Instagram attributes the creation of the powerhouse Photo Application and social network to a particular yet simple life event. He had chosen to study in Italy his Junior year of college, and a professor had replaced the state-of-the-art modern camera he had around his neck with the iconic but ultra-simple Holga…


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Automation Let’s You Fly!

One of the most popular metaphors in business is how leaders are the pilots of their organizations: in the driver's seat, handling turbulence, and getting employees and customers to their destination. This is an easy metaphor to apply to automation, especially since aviation’s adoption of automation follows a similar path as it does with the automotive…


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Have You Ever Considered Using Shopstreaming? You Are Probably Already Doing It

Last year, U.S. e-commerce sales generated about $365.2 billion in revenue. With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in changing shopping habits as nonessential businesses endure mandated closures, there is more incentive than ever to invest in growing…


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How Automation is Already Helping Your Dealership (and Why You Should Investigate Other Ways) - Part 2

In my last blogI discussed how dealers have been using automation to manage internet lead processes. In this blog, I will take it one step further and explain how dealers are using an…


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How Automation is Already Helping Your Dealership (and Why You Should Investigate Other Ways)

Sales and service processes have been modified and fine-tuned as long as sales and services have existed. Making a product or service accessible and appealing is what drives sales. These processes include many areas where repetition comes in to play and have been mostly managed manually.  As technology has improved, the ability to automate repetitive…


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What A Good User Experience Can Do for You

With most of the country in quarantine, people are more reliant upon digital applications like Netflix and Amazon than ever before. Netflix reportedly had 16 million new subscribers in the first three months of 2020 due to the coronavirus. It’s no…


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A Digital Retail Do-Over

Before the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis, dealers have been struggling to adopt and perfect digital retailing and the need has accelerated at staggering speed. Data from McKinsey & Company show…


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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

With Covid-19 creating a ripple effect across the socio-economic fabric of America, life as most of us know it has been disrupted, especially that of the retail customer journey which has migrated into the digital landscape. As a new normal materializes, even the more technophobic consumers have taken to digital retail platforms and applications to meet…


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Digital Transformation Is Happening Now

With the advancement of technology and sudden wave of consumer adoption, the automotive retail sector is experiencing a global revolution and that can only be attributed to digitization. Thanks to digital platforms and solutions, dealers have experienced many recent changes.


Total retail sales in the United…


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David Kain Interviews Steve Southin, Co-CEO of DiscoveryLoft About Their New Vehicle Inspection Tool

I am incredibly humbled that David Kain took the time to learn about PAVEInspect last week.

"David Kain, President of Kain Automotive interviews Steve Southin, Co-CEO of DiscoveryLoft about their new vehicle inspection tool, PAVE INSPECT. PAVE INSPECT allows…


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Looking to Build Better Customer Relationships?

Customers are becoming incredibly sophisticated, elusive, and empowered since the latest digital retail wave. As a result, the dynamics of the relationship between brands and customers is evolving. But even in this new digital era of online engagement and transparency, the reality is that the relationship dealers should hope to have with customers…


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Adapting to Change May Be Hard but Also May Be Vital to Success

COVID-19 has reformed and redefined the customer experience (CX), and now dealers need to think beyond short-term fixes and look forward into the new normal of an increased desire by consumers for digital retailing options, according to…


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Efficiency and Revenue in All Departments through Digital Channels

The economic downturn the auto industry has faced beginning in early March was more devastating for those dealers who were not able to quickly and easily shift sales processes online if they didn’t have digital retailing channels already. Now as restrictions lift slowly across the country, we are waking up to a new digital era that could turn out to be more…


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5 Reasons why User Experience is the Foundation of a Strong Dealership

User Experience, by definition, addresses all aspects of an experience within automotive shopping, purchasing and owning of a vehicle from the customer's perspective. From interacting with an ad, to interacting with a website and to parking their new vehicle in their driveway, user experience guides the interaction of the customer throughout mobile apps and…


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What Apple Learned from Their Automation Failure

Back in 2012, Apple executives attended a meeting in China where they watched a video of an experimental fully-automated assembly line for the iPads. They watched as iPad parts traveled along conveyor belts and were cut, polished and then…


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The Socially Distant Next Digital Era

Digital retail has just had an unexpected growth spurt. While stay at home mandates disrupted worldwide economies, it has also forced many business and consumers to abandon technophobia and welcome digital retail solutions with open arms. Companies like…


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AI + HI = Intelligence

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced many retail businesses to either shutdown or embrace automation, AI and digital retail solutions in order to continue to generate revenue. Almost immediately, artificial intelligence has gone from a niche concept to a one that many automotive dealers and businesses need to strongly consider even as many of us begin…


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Out of Work? Train Yourself Free!

In one of my latest blogs, I talked about the opportunity that out-of-work or furloughed individuals had to educate themselves to increase their job skills regardless of whether the skills are in their current field or in another simply to open up more job opportunities in the future. We don’t know what’s going to happen when (or if) society returns to…


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When the Easy Button is Broken, Sales Can Be Lost

As we see digital retailing becoming more desirable to consumers, it has never been more important for dealers to ensure that their processes and technologies deliver on the promise for consumers. There is nothing more frustrating to a consumer than attempting to transact online with any company just to encounter obstacles and frustration. It only adds to…


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