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What are you so Afraid of?

What is it that is stopping you from going further? 

What is stopping you from helping more people?

If you're afraid, what are you afraid of?

The most obvious thing is, your afraid to lose something. You're afraid to lose your status, your comfort, your money and maybe even a few friends.

So you go nowhere, you let life take you wherever it is taking you at its own pace.

If you're a person with a good work ethic and normal intelligence your probably doing…


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Who Do You Say I Am

The Great Confession by St Peter was in response to a question ask by Jesus to his disciples. His question was "Who do they say I am?"


The responses varied, some say He was John the Baptist back from the dead, some said he was the prophet. But then Jesus asked "Who do YOU say I am?"

Now of course we know that is when Peter made the Great Confession stating "You are the Son of the God"

The reason that I bring this up is not only because of this being one of the…


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Grow Your Faith

One of the greatest stories of faith in the Book of Luke and when the centurion's son is sick and looks to Jesus to heal him. Jesus states he will go to the centurion's home and see his son, but the centurion states "You just need to say he's healed, and it will be done." 


The Roman tells of how he commands hundreds of men and for something to be done, he only needs to say the word and it will be done. He's confident that his men will accomplish the goal regardless of what it…


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Are You Maintaining Your Business Or Growing It?



We’ve all had some great ideas about our businesses. We read articles, we study treads and stay up to date on the latest trade information, but sometimes we seem to be treading water. We all know what we think a great business is, the question is how do we get our business to be that one? We have a great customer experience and wonder; “How to I translate that to my place?” 


I’ll give you the first…


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How To Make Your Service Advisors "Super Sellers"

Now the first thing we need to remember is that certain people gravitate to certain lines of work and for that matter, certain groups. Being a sales person doesn't make you a certain way, being a certain way makes you gravitate toward that line of work. Now if we agree on the sociology of the group, we see why this maybe more of challenge than you think.

The outgoing, friendly person who enjoys making friends traditionally moves toward a sales type of work.

The technical type…


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Are Your Service Advisors Sales People?

You better hope they are!!


For those of you who have been in the car business a while, the service business has changed dramatically over the years. With the quality of vehicles getting better and aftermarket garages getting bolder, we have to rely on servicing vehicles as much as 'fixing" vehicle. 

So to service a vehicle, you need to sell service. 


I've overheard numerous service calls that went along the lines of; "Mr Customer, you need brakes and…


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