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Five Steps Of Creating Personal Mission Statement

Many of us are experts in writing the mission statements for the companies. It is, in fact, a part of the curriculum of ‘business communication’ that we often study in our course. But as important it is to write the company mission statement, it is equally important to write a personal mission statement as well. A personal mission statement is like an aim that will guide our life towards the…


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Self Control – Important Factor to Exercise Success

Self-control is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior in the face of temptations and impulses. An example of self control is when you want to use something but you apply your will-power to avoid the use of that thing such as drugs. It means that you have self control of your wants.  People with greater willpower and better self control habits may perform better in life, have higher self-esteem, better physical and mental health.Self-control is the ability to regulate…


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Hard skills Vs soft skills or hard skills and soft skills- which is optimal?

Soft skills and training programs for the same seem to be hogging the limelight in recent times. Soft skills are considered to be very important in attending an interview and bagging a job. It is also considered to be an important skill that an applicant has to possess to be considered an apt candidate for the organization. This overemphasis on soft skills has undermined the importance of Hard Skills that are equally important to shine in your career.…


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