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The Competition for Technicians is Heating Up

Most dealerships already find it difficult to recruit technicians. With the influx of warranty and safety recall repairs expected to increase, and as manufacturers pump out more electric vehicles, the need for experienced techs will explode. Some dealerships have found creative ways to recruit technicians – mostly for quick service – because they can be…


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Hasta La Vista, Used Cars!

A recent news story, published by Reuters, shares how Mexico is moving to allow unregistered used cars brought into Mexico illegally to be registered for a whopping $124. According to the article, Baja, California has as…


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Are Two Separate BDCs Better than One?

Many dealers feel they need both a sales and a service BDC based on advice from numerous industry trainers. The thought process is that the sales BDC’s job is to set appointments for sales customers and the service BDC sets appointments for service customers. But what if you combined the two to create a single service BDC? Service is the largest percentage of…


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Looking for your Next Technician? Here’s a Great Idea!

An interesting idea published in Automotive News shares how some Texas dealers are gaining more technicians while helping people in need, namely military veterans. These Texas dealers created a 500-hour training program titled "Ford's Technicians…


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Do the Work to Secure Retail Rates and You’ll Save Technicians from Defecting

At the end of July 2021, a new law passed in Illinois requiring dealerships to pay retail rates to technicians for the actual time and labor it takes to repair vehicles that are under warranty. The justification being that technicians are highly trained workers and should be paid wages that…


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Is it Time to Prepare your Dealership for the New Market?

In the last month or so, several automotive manufacturers have announced production cuts. One would think that is perhaps counterintuitive in the sense that, with a market severely lacking new vehicles, shouldn’t OEMs ramp up production rather than decrease it?


According to the…


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The Modern Car Sale Model Goes Toe to Toe with Local Governance

What consumer doesn’t love the internet? It has been especially transformative for the automotive industry. Not only can shoppers compare vehicles, options, pricing, and availability with a click of the mouse, but they can also purchase the vehicle and have it delivered to their driveway.


The market disruption is in full swing, evident in the…


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Driving During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the number of cars on the road as working from home has become commonplace. In fact, according to several sources, working from home may be here to stay. It decreases company expenses and, some researchers say, employees are actually more productive.


However, while driving dramatically…


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Don’t Lose Service Profits Due to Master Tech Scarcity

We’re not alone when it comes to a labor shortage. Data released in July by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates job openings hit a record high in May. The increase largely reflects more vacant positions in the healthcare, education, accommodation, and food services sectors. But few industries have been as directly affected and had revenues hit as much…


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What Can Your Dealership Do When the Used Car Value Crash Happens?

An insightful article in Forbes details the rise – and expected fall – for used car values. Interestingly enough, the article chose the wording for the headline to include “crash” and “brace for impact.” There…


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Privacy or Safety -- Why Should We Choose Which Is More Important?

When it comes to vehicle recalls, I have always believed that safety comes first. One major challenge is the millions of vehicles on the road with open safety recalls and, with many vehicles changing hands privately, it is a monumental effort to identify those owners and notify them about an open safety recall and the risk to them, their families, and fellow…


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How to Prepare your Dealership for Proposed Recall Legislation

As used car sales continue to climb, legislators are now more cognizant of and are focusing on how dealerships are selling pre-owned inventory without first getting safety recalls repaired.


As I covered in my previous blog, a bill is currently being put forth to…


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Should Money Trump Customer Safety?

With vehicle inventory low, many dealers have to place a heavier focus on used cars to stay in business. In the current market, dealers are frequently outbid by other dealers for decent used vehicles or, more likely, are forced to pay thousands over retail value to acquire inventory. Add into that cost any auction fees, transportation, recon, and detailing,…


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Update to CDC Guidelines Causes Auto Dealers to Re-evaluate Vehicle Sanitizing

Over the last year, any business that remained open did everything possible to reassure customers their premises were safe and followed the latest CDC COVID guidelines. Social distancing, masks, and disinfecting surfaces for customers have become standard practices and, in some cases, are mandated by states. These measures require extra work and extend…


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Why Service Pickup & Delivery is Not for Everyone

During this pandemic, many dealers introduced measures to ensure vehicle service is more convenient and fits the current lifestyle of their customers. This, of course, comes at a cost. Dealerships have to pay porters or drivers to go to the customer's house, pick up their vehicle, return to the dealership to perform the service, then return it to the…


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Recalls: Beyond the Original Owner?

When discussing recalls, I have always emphasized the importance of recall repair compliance. It makes the roads safer for vehicle owners, their passengers, and drivers sharing the road. NHTSA has stressed the importance of (and put a lot of effort into) notifying these vehicle owners of open safety recalls with the goal of reaching 100% safety recall…


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The Digital Ride – What Could that Mean for the Future of Recalls?

Today's vehicles have more technology than ever before. With OEMs on a mission to make more EVs; Apple entering the retail automotive space; Tesla continuing its brand popularity; and vehicles more operated by computer than by motor, problems are sure to arise!.


Technicians are already in short supply. Dealers are doing everything that they…


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Walk-Around Woes - Make a Good First Impression by Checking for Recalls

A salesperson has to build rapport during the initial meet and greet with the shopper. Once they have worked their way into an (at that point) semi-familiarity with the customer, they should move on to the fact-finding step. In this step, salespeople ask questions to help direct the customer to the vehicle that best fits their needs. Or, if the customer…


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Used Car Calamity: The Safety Sinkhole Growing Beneath Our Industry

Despite the pandemic, consumers are still in-market for vehicles. Manufacturers, at one point, were forced to slow production due to local and state regulations. As a result, some dealers have been struggling to maintain a full inventory of vehicles to offer car shoppers. Of course, dealerships cannot control when (or how many) new vehicles they receive from…


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Cadillac Dealers Betting Big on EV or Taking the Chips Off the Table

As the nation attempts to further reduce emissions, many states have begun initiatives to phase our gas-powered vehicles. At the moment, multiple problems exist if someone were to snap their fingers and make every vehicle electric. On the vehicle and infrastructure side, there is a lack of charging stations and range is limited. While these are increasing…


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