4 Biggest Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Hiring A Car Transport Company

Getting your pricey automobile transported from one place to another is bound to give you uneasy sleep, even if you’ve sought a professional service for it. That’s because it’s common for first time seekers of this service to commit mistakes. These mistakes are about, not negotiating properly, and assuming things. On the contrary, here’s what you must do:

Compare Prices

There’s immense competition in the automobile transportation service business; there are always new entrants that look to gain clientele by pricing their services low. Most of these services offer a free quote. All you need to do is to fill in an online form the service provider has on its website. Many cheap car shipping services are reliable yet affordable. So, it is important to compare the prices before you choose your service provider. 

Check Registration Numbers

Any automobile transportation service needs to be registered with Department of Transport. If the service covers interstate transportation, it must also be registered with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Without these licenses, the carrier trucks be halted anywhere on the road! Enclosed Auto Transport services can ill afford operating without these licenses, because it’s common for patrolling teams to inspect the contents of their carriers. Ask for the registration numbers from the service you are considering for your car’s transportation, or check on government portals for information on them.


Inspect The Car Before and After Transportation

Long distance transportation of vehicles is naturally accompanied with risks of in-transit damage. Car transportation services offer you damage proof transportation, and to actually ensure that you don’t face any financial heat because of car damage, make certain you take adequate pictures of your car before leaving it with the service provider. Highlight all existing scratches and dents clearly before transportation. On receipt if you find signs of fresh damage, take pictures with date, and get a signature from the driver.

Ask for the Company’s Insurance Certificate

Any automobile transportation service must have adequate insurance coverage to provide for possible in-transit damage to vehicles. Check the insurance coverage of the transportations service provider you’re dealing with, and understand what all is covered. If there are personal belongings in the car, get clear understanding on whether that’s covered too. Give a declaration of the personal belongings in your car, to avoid issues if Department of Transport officials have questions during an in-transit inspection.

It’s unfortunate, yet true, that automobile transport experiences can go wrong for people like you. Well, if you avoid these mistakes, you’ll be able to sleep well as a professional carrier gets your car to your location.

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