4 steps to Used Car Profitability! Come see me at the Digital Dealer Conference.

 Please see info at :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPG8RUrz_lg


Speaker’s Name: Ronda Lewis          

Speaker’s Title: Used Vehicle Expert and Dealer Advocate, DealerTrack AAX         

Presentation Title: 4 Steps to Used Car Profitability     

Sub-title (a little more explanation of the title – a sentence will suffice):

Using data to make fact based decisions on what to stock, where to acquire, how to price and when to dispose of used vehicle inventory.

Session description:

In this session, we’ll review new techniques and data points to help dealers find the vehicles they need, how to price them to achieve higher gross and quicker turn times as well as ways to mitigate or eliminate wholesale loss.  This will be a very interactive session that will cover:

  • What to source – what vehicles have the potential to make the highest possible gross and turn quicker
  • Where to source – streamlining the process of finding the vehicles you need, learn how to acquire by Return on Investment
  • How to price – have a policy to be competitive but profitable
  • How to handle aging – having a plan to avoid regular wholesale loss

Come see me! I hope to see you all there.

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