5 Customer Email Templates for Today’s Market

With virtually no new cars on the ground and used cars hard to come by, a lot of salespeople are sitting idle right now. Put them to work sending targeted emails to customers and prospects.


Consistent communication is the best way to keep customers in your pipeline, instead of on your competitor’s vehicle waiting list. Many customers are willing to pre-order vehicles with money down, while others are coming up on lease-end and need a nudge to join your waiting list now if they want to trade-up in a few months.

Targeted emails are also a great way to source used vehicles. You surely have a database packed with customers who may have a used car to sell. Especially if you design your own Cash-for-Clunkers program or offer over Kelly Blue Book value, as many dealers are doing.


Experts agree things will calm down eventually, but it may take some time. According to AutoForecast Solutions, supply isn’t expected to return to normal until the first quarter o...


Now is the time to act. Use your CRM to create specific customer lists, including leads that contacted you over the past 30 days, customers coming up on lease end or in danger of going over mileage, and customers who previously bought new or used vehicles at least 12 months ago.


Remember that email subject lines are critical to high open rates. Here are a few tips:


Subject Line Dos:


  • Keep it short
  • Use a call to action
  • Ask a leading question
  • Avoid ALL CAPS and words like “exclusive,” “free,” and “now’– these are spam triggers.
  • Don’t use a “$” and over-used marketing words like “save” and “only.”


Sample Subject Lines:


  • Best cash offer for your trade-in, interested?
  • Thoughts about your next car…
  • Quick question for you…
  • Following up on your vehicle lease agreement…


Email Templates for Today’s Market


The following templates are meant to get your juices flowing. Get creative and adjust them for your market, sales goals, and inventory needs.


1. Trade-In


Here’s $2,000, Friend.


All you have to do is bring your running used vehicle to our dealership. We are in dire need of trade-ins and pre-owned cars, so we are interested in any vehicle you have that runs. And we’ll pay at least $2,000 for it.


Are you available for a brief call tomorrow?


2. Touch Base


I noticed you browsed new SUV inventory on our website. As you may know, all dealerships are having a hard time stocking new inventory right now due to a lack of microchips.

But, new vehicles are hitting the ground every day. I’d be happy to help you pre-order your next SUV and keep you updated on its status on a weekly basis. Please let me know if you’re interested.

In the meantime, make sure to Like us on Facebook so you can stay up to date with news and events we hold at our dealership here in [dealership city].

3. Lease Term

 Hi There,

 You’re receiving this email because your vehicle lease will mature in a few months. This is a great time to think about pre-ordering your next vehicle. We’re offering low interest rates to help make that happen!

 Are you available for a brief call tomorrow?

 4. Lease Mileage


Hi There,


You’re receiving this email because our records show you’re close to the mileage limit specified in your lease agreement. We’d like to help you avoid excess mileage penalties. Start a pre-order for your next vehicle, before you go over your limit.


Are you available for a brief call tomorrow to discuss?


 5. Lower Payment


Hi There,


You’re receiving this email because we’d like to help you lower your monthly lease payment. With interest rates at historic lows, we can help you trade-up to a newer vehicle while paying less every month!


Are you available for a brief call tomorrow to discuss?



Now is the time to be proactive and reach out to customers. You may not have the inventory today, but the chip shortage will ease up. Email communications that encourage pre-ordering and trading in older vehicles will keep customers and leads in your pipeline and pay dividends in the fourth quarter and beyond.



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