5 Notable Things To Know About Car Mechanic

A person who builds automobiles and repairs different machines and engines is technically termed a mechanic. There are different types of mechanics, namely auto mechanics, car mechanics, aircraft, diesel, heavy-duty, and many more. Every mechanic is specialized in his field of study.

The one who makes most of our regular life smooth is an auto mechanic who fixes, maintains, and evaluates cars and trucks. They give their best to keep vehicles roadworthy, which prevents significant repair bills. Some of the works they do are routine maintenance of vehicles, replacement of broken or old parts, necessary repairs, and examination of different elements. The risk of physical injury and safety issues in this job is quite more than average due to heavy lifting, exposure to chemicals, electric shock, burns, and other causes.

Becoming an Auto Mechanic

A high school diploma or equivalent is a must for entering this field, and gaining graduation or post-graduation will boost your resume. Common subjects learned while mastering this program are auto-mobile repair, electronics, mathematics, computer, and English. Some job training and industry certificates are also required.

1. Competencies and Skills

  • Analytical Ability: A mechanic requires it to test different vehicle parts and inspect and diagnose to determine the reasons for the trouble.
  • Soft Skills: This involves how one will interact with customers keeping positive, warm-hearted relations with them.
  • Attentiveness: This applies in work and is also useful in some other aspects like maintaining records and memorizing handy details.
  • Governance: In this job, several works will demand immense mental agility and precise hand skills. So, the proper procedure of executing the work is of utmost importance.
  • Supervisor or Leadership skills: Carrying out a job with a team with fluency is expected by all employers. While working in a group, teamwork and cooperation are most required.

2. Average Salary

An automobile mechanic has an average salary of about $60,000 per annum or $31 hourly. A beginner may get an offer of $54,000 per annum, while experienced professionals earn up to $75,000 per year.

3. Job Outlook

Available vacancies or job opportunities in the automobile mechanic field are supposed to increase by 6% by 2026. The number of vehicles on the road is expected to rise, but there will also be improved technology, which will decrease the need for mechanical repairs. As of the present situation, there is a significant shortage in Australia. Automobile repair and maintenance is at 52% shortage concerning diesel mechanic job position.

4. Work Environment

A variety of automotive services, including car dealers and tire stores, is where mechanics work at. They also work in oil change operations, different gas stations, and full-service repair shops. Some mechanics may even go for entrepreneurship and then supervise and train staff, put up advertisements, and list prices.

5. Timings

Theoretically full hour, but practically it is an overtime job. While repairing a machine, it is not frequently possible for a mechanic to leave his work if the working hour is over. The may extend and be a handful during weekends.


Like there is a need for a doctor in current society, a mechanic’s demand is also growing and it offers jobs at many levels. While doing this job, one can advance to master level and earn up to six figures. There are various job opportunities available in this field starting from management to repair and development of machines. Mechanics have reported a high level of job satisfaction. Presently, not everyone can achieve the title of a mechanic and fix those high-techs, which provides the respect a mechanic deserves. Hence, it  can prove to be a beneficial career.

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