5 Things You Need to Do to Get Your Car into Shape

Let’s start off by saying that a used car isn’t necessarily a used-up car and, seeing as how that money is probably pretty tight at this moment (as it always is), maybe you should consider making your old car feel new, instead of getting rid of it and having to spend a lot of money for a new set of wheels. Luckily, getting your car into shape is easier (and more interesting) than you might think, so here’s a list of tips on making your car shine as it once did.

Clean it up

And by cleaning up, we do mean the whole deal, not just the exterior. Of course, taking it to the car wash and cleaning the body up and waxing goes without saying, but the interior is very much a key part in making your car feel new. Hardcore scrubbing of everything within reach is the name of the game here. Shampoo the carpet and upholstery, get rid of all the garbage in the trunk and vacuum-clean the entire thing. This is all great, but you should take it a step further – remove the spare tire, the seat cushions and do a thorough cleanup and scrub clean all the grime from your engine bay. Now, your car will sparkle, but this isn’t nearly it!


This may seem trivial, but the feel of your car will depend hugely based on fluid levels and types. Frequently checking the levels will elongate your engine’s life and make sure that it feels brand new for as long as possible, but finding the right oil for your car also plays a vital role in your car’s performance. Additionally, cleaning your car’s fluid delivery systems is of the essence. And in case you don’t have the time to do it on your own or take it to the local shop, you can always have a trusted mechanic in Belmont drop by and perform a check right in your driveway or garage.

Get tech-nerdy

Even at no more than a couple of years of age, your car’s sound system will probably be outdated – the technology is evolving at an extremely rapid pace! Take the old radio head unit out and get one that can integrate with an iPod, iPhone and satellite radio and that can even use Bluetooth for connecting with your phone.
Additionally, get a brand new electronic GPS navigation system, or upgrade the existing one for a more modern piece of technology – these things used to cost a fortune, but you’ll be happy to learn that they are becoming increasingly affordable.

Focus on the cockpit

Sure, you probably want to impress your friends with your vehicle, but in the end, you’re doing this so that you feel more comfortable inside. Although you should make sure that entire interior is clean and freshened up, no area requires as much maintenance as does the dashboard. Start with your steering wheel – if it has even the slightest of signs of deterioration, buying a cover will make a world of difference. Furthermore, think about investing in a dashboard cover, but check the dashboard illumination while you’re at it – if you can’t see your speedometer during night driving, not only will your car feel old, but it will draw your attention from the road, while you’re trying to tell what speed you’re driving at.

Brakes and suspension

If you think that the gas pedal is the most important part in your driving experience, you are wrong – smooth brakes, brake rotors, shock absorbers, dampers, struts, and spring are an excellent investment for freshening up your favorite vehicle – this is the part of getting your car into shape you’re allowed to go wild on!

If you choose to apply these five tips, you’ll be amazed at how brand-new your car will feel. Of course, start with a thorough cleanup, but also focus on the technology, cockpit, fluid, brakes, and suspension – this will reinvigorate your four-wheeled machine!

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