The job of a car dealer is filled with various duties and responsibilities that he does all through the day. His main activities will include dealing with various customers and doing different administrative tasks as well. He may have to sell cars directly to the customers or through online transactions. Irrespective of the way of transaction, he is loaded with the responsibilities to generate sale for the car company. Some car dealers deal with one type of car brand while some deal with various car brands. Being a car dealer at one point of time in my career, I narrate my experience as car dealer.

My usual day used to begin with checking messages in my mobile, fax messages and emails to see if I have got any lead after the previous day's work was closed. Going through these messages was not an easy task as I had to make a list of all the prospect customers on priority basis. The customer who would give maximum revenue to the company gets the first priority in terms of fixing the appointment.

After this I had to call all these customers one by one and fix an appointment as per their time convenience. Some customers use to be very particular in sticking to a particular time to come to the show room to choose the car. As I cannot disappointment any of them, it was difficult for me to fix my work schedule for the day.

There were other sales men along with me, working in the same car show room. We all used to decide our turn in dealing with all the customers who were expected to visit us all through the day. With so many car dealers in the show room, it was easy to divide the work between us, so that we all would get a fair share for increasing the sales of our showroom.

The next thing would be to wait for customers to arrive. As the customer use to walk in, I would politely ask him his budget range and then show him all those cars that were in his budget. Along with showing him the cars, I would give small yet attractive details about the car so that he gets interested in them.

After telling him all the details, a satisfied customer would choose a certain car and I had to solve his queries regarding the car. Some customers use to demand for test drives, where I had to accompany them. After showing all the features and the test drive, if the customer agreed in buying the car, then my next step would be to do all the paper works. If the customer wanted to pay the amount in installment or wanted to go for a loan, then I would help him in doing that by familiarizing him with top financial agencies associated with our showroom.

I was happy when a customer bought a car, as I would contribute something for the growth of the showroom. During every weekend, me and my other friends, those included the used car dealers as well as the new car dealers used to party and share our experience of sale success. It was a wonderful professional experience that I had and I still use all the skills  that I have learnt during those years of me working as a car dealer at my main work at research writing service.

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