Over the last few years, many of my military fans have begged me to create a story that tells their story – why they serve. After careful forethought, I have created a very compelling story wrapped around one woman, the main character, Kendra Doyle.

In “Last Wish,” Kendra has had a hard life since the day she was born. Kendra is the daughter of a Marine, who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam. Unfortunately, she was brainwashed by academia during Desert Storm. After eighteen years of not speaking to her grandfather, Saimus Doyle, she learns of his death. His will has special provisions she must follow before she can receive what he has left her. While complying with those provisions, she learns a great deal about herself and why she’s been so bitter all her life.

"On the Brink of losing her job and facing financial ruin things can't get any worse in Kendra Doyle's life, until she learns her grandfather has died. Will his last wish solve her problems or add to them?"

To all my veterans, both past and present, “Last Wish” has been a labor of love and an honor to write. I hope you enjoy it.

NOTE: This book is only available for digital reading devices at this time.

You may obtain “Last Wish” on Kindle and other digital reading devices through the following links






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If you don't have a digital reader yet, consider downloading http://calibre-ebook.com/ which allows you to read e-books on your personal computer at home. Calibre software is free.

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