Are your sales people selling 30 units a month

Are your sales people selling 30 plus cars a month? I have been asked to speak in Las Vegas July 9th & 10th at Fran Taylor Techniques training seminar. Coming from a dealership that when first purchased was selling 20 – 30 units per month and after I took over the store our best month was 146 units sold. Fran was a big part of my success there. One of my first days at that dealership was in a training seminar for managers with Fran and we never looked back. When managers attend his seminars they learn how to effectively get the results that every GM and owner want. When sales people attend his Training seminars they will learn how to properly promote themselves and build relationships with their customers that last a lifetime. And yes it works one my rookie sales people sold 40 cars a month, twice, his first year in the car business. His first full year sold just under 400 units and made just over 170k, his first full year. This was in a town of around 15000 people. Owners and General Managers should think about attending this as well because as we all know RELATIONSHIPS SELL CARS not advertising. Anyway you will see and hear a lot more in Las Vegas July 9th - 10Th. There is a huge difference between a trainer who will actually show you how to do something instead of just tell you. Sign up at See you in Vegas.

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