Auto Sales Training: Building Human to Human Transactions

It’s unfortunate that so many members of the automotive industry when approached with a genuine request to be of assistance, are prone to wondering  “ What do you want from me?” or “What are you selling?”  I blame the all too common and frequent hidden agendas that often occur in B2B and B2C interactions.

We already understand that a single loyal customer is worth more than a hundred hot sales leads.  Most business also embrace the concept that brand reputation goes beyond a logo and into the experience of consumers and their subsequent emotions.  So how can businesses train their sales and management staffs to move beyond the transactional relationship and into a partnership with client opportunities or a Human to Human (H2H) relationship?


Here are six strategies to bring H2H concepts to your sales and management teams:


  1. Build Value:  Determine what your consumer finds of value and make genuine offers of assistance.
  2. Be transparent: Fully disclose all the benefits.  Holding back something for negotiation leaves your consumer wondering what else you are hiding and undermines the ability to build trust.
  3. Collect Data:  Ask questions, frequently and with purpose.  Your questions should reveal more ways you can be of assistance or bring benefits to this relationship you are building.
  4. Give Referrals: Offer alternative resources beyond your services, especially if you are unable to meet their current needs. When you go the extra step to find solutions to consumer concerns, even if they are not through your own company, you have broken down the barrier of selling and built a foundation of helping.  The next time they need advice, you will be considered a trust worthy source, increasing your interaction time with your consumer and the likelihood of having a customer for life.
  5. Deliver on promises: Delivering on your promises will not only strengthen your relationships, but expand you network of opportunities. Being known as the person to trust tends to nature long lasting relationships and adds high octane fuel to the rumor mill in a positive way.  Your current consumer will recommend you when they find a friend who needs assistance because they know they are in good hands.
  6. Build a helping network: It is difficult to soar with the eagles, if you hang out with turkeys.  Build your reputation as a helpful person by connecting with other helpful people.  This will not only strengthen your consumers impression of you, but will give you a network of support, access to answers and the ability to continue to be helpful through referrals to those you know and trust.

Be the individual and the organization that encourages mutually beneficial relationships.  Let your consumers perceive your intentions as a desire to see everyone succeed over the need to close the sale.


About the Author

Stephanie Young is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for The Manus Group, where she is an active blogger, social media contributor and spokesperson for one of the nation’s leading automotive recruiting and training firms. Stephanie is a former Forestry Queen and still continues to promote her platform encouraging young woman to pursue their interests in STEM field careers.

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