We just finished up a Staffed Event sale with a HUGE Mitsubishi dealership in North Carolina where we did 407K, and pushed 97 units out the door. I get it, many of you are looking at this and thinking this is BS, not real numbers. But it is! I'll be happy to share the Manager's name and contact info if you're interested. We are replicating this model all over the US. 

We have focused on sharpening our skills to run Direct Mail and Staffed Events by utilizing Co-Op money given by the manufacturer. These ads have been tried and tested.

We don't just focus on Mitsubishi, we cater to all brands. If you have aged inventory and your mail and sales team isn't getting the job done, we can help! 

Call me today at 704-896-3400 and ask for Nick or Joe.

Check us out at www.pinnaclesalesandmail.com.

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