It’s a well-known fact that all campers are always on the lookout for the latest trends in the camping industry. New equipment is produced each year, usually more functional and of better quality, so those who love this type of holidays are constantly upgrading their gear. This trend is present when it comes to everything related to camping, but nowhere as prominently as in the case of caravans. New caravans are state-of-the-art and feature everything you have at home (and even some stuff you don’t!), only compactly arranged. So, what’s new in the world of caravans this year?

Demand and supply

Those selling new or old caravans are expected not to raise their asking prices since buyers have become more demanding and old-fashioned caravans are no longer sought that much despite lower prices. Instead, the focus is on comfort, but more in terms of design than the actual width of caravans. Namely, some of the best camping locations have very narrow roads leading towards them and no driver wants to tow a caravan wider than eight feet, for example.

Gadgets rule

Modern-day caravan owners expect almost an endless number of gadgets to be at their disposal so that they can control everything around their caravans, from lighting and heating to the water level. They use apps to manage these “smart caravans” remotely. However, not everyone is so tech-savvy and there are still people who simply want to get as much as possible out of their caravan but are satisfied with manual controls.

Air conditioning and ventilation

With summers getting hotter and hotter each year, this feature is really crucial when it comes to new caravans. People spend hours inside their caravan, sleeping, cooking or simply chatting with others, and they don’t want to sweat unnecessarily. That’s why caravan manufacturers don’t even think about producing a model that doesn’t provide great air-conditioning and ventilation. For instance, Nova Caravans and their range of luxury caravans are known for providing great value for money when it comes to stylish caravans.

Staying connected

You’d expect most camping sites to provide Wi-Fi access, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you can get a good signal only close to the reception area or a nearby bar, which can be a problem for those who need or simply wish to stay connected while camping. One of the solutions is to have a caravan equipped with some kind of Wi-Fi booster which can turn a dodgy connection into a really strong one. This may seem unnecessary to those who actually go camping in order to disconnect from the rest of the world, but since more and more people are working remotely, the camping industry has had to oblige.

Mobility is top priority

There are still people who keep their caravans in the same spot throughout the year and don’t bother with transporting it back home after they’ve finished their holiday. While this may make sense in certain situations where the caravan can be used by other people as well, more and more people simply wish to roam around as much as possible. That means that roads will see more caravans this year than before and prospective buyers will only be looking for caravans which are in great condition (second-hand ones, that is) or those that allow full mobility to their owners (both new and second-hand ones). Since most new caravans are made of lighter yet sturdier materials, that is usually not a problem with them.

As anyone who has ever had a caravan can confirm, having a caravan can provide so much fun for everyone using it, that you may never wish to have a different kind of holiday. Truth be told, it involves a lot of care and preparation, but the possible benefits are definitely worth it.

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