It’s hard to imagine commerce without diesel fuel. From the ships that carry cargo across the oceans to the trains and trucks that haul those goods to their ultimate destinations, diesel fuel is what makes all of it possible. However, that power used to come at a heavy environmental price. Although diesel’s extremely high energy density made it the fuel of choice for heavy-duty vehicles for a long time, its high sulfur content resulted in serious air pollution problems and contributed to environmental disaster. That’s why the energy industry sought ways to clean up diesel’s act. Today’s clean diesel fuels and engines are a marked improvement over the fuels and engines of old. 

Although clean diesel is now the standard in North America, many people may not fully understand the differences between traditional diesel and these new, cleaner and more efficient fuels. Because clean diesel fuels and engine technology are now the standard, many people might not know they’re talking about clean diesel when they talk about modern diesel fuels. To help clear any confusion about clean diesel, refer to the accompanying checklist. It details some of the main differences between traditional diesel and clean diesel, as well as some of the key benefits that come with using clean diesel technology. It’s hard to imagine commerce as we know it without diesel. Now, we won’t have to, thanks to clean diesel technology.

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