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    Today’s car buyer is spending more and more time not only researching their next purchase, but also going deeper into the purchase process on the internet. Today’s car dealer is using the internet more and more to reach and win over those buyers. So far, both sides have had to overcome obstacles in the process. The buyer’s greatest difficulty has been find the car they want quickly and without sharing personal information. For the dealer, it has been having to use listing and linking sites that have built in roadblocks to the buyer getting directly to the dealer’s vehicles.

     Ideally, the process should be easy and beneficial to the buyer and the dealer. The buyer wants to do as much of the buying process as possible before visiting the dealer and the dealer wants to engage with a ready, willing, and able buyer on the internet and at the dealership.  The common problem is that the buyer is often compelled to give personal information to a third party site to get what they want and the dealer often gets incomplete or bad information from the buyer. To make matters worse, the information gathered about the buyer is often resold to the dealer’s competition as “leads”. That is not the picture of the easy and mutually beneficial process that both parties want nor does it foster a friendly and trusting beginning to a relationship.

      Imagine a buyer searching the internet for the car they want and upon finding it, they can simply click on its photo or description and be instantly connected to the detail page at the dealer’s website that has it. At that point the buyer has access to what they need go deeper in the buying process and the dealer has an exclusive, ready, willing, and able buyer in his virtual showroom. It’s the same as if that buyer walked into the showroom and said, “That’s the car I want, now let’s work out the details”. So why hasn’t this been the normal way things are done?

       It takes a lot of work for this type of system to be put in place and maintained. Most of the listing and linking sites on the internet operate primarily as gatherers and resellers of information and as advertising platforms. The work needed to provide this level of smooth service to the buyer and the dealer involves deep and direct linking, SEO monitoring and maintenance, and back linking.

        Imagine a listing and linking site whose sole goal is to link buyers directly and seamlessly to the dealer’s current inventory. It’s like a professional matchmaker doing all the background work to bring two people together.  That’s the blueprint for a win/win relationship and that’s what is done every day at


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