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Click here to Try it Today! just crossed the 100 dealer threshold so I thought I'd post a short blog about it and how it came to be.

In 2011 Liqueo Inc launched an online platform for dealers that created QR Codes, VIN specific mobile websites for each vehicle and allowed the dealer to create small 3"x4" window stickers. As an afterthought an option to create addendums was added.  After 3 successful years we were polling our dealer base to determine what dealers liked, didn't like and what they were using most. Surprisingly all but two dealers had little or no use for all the platform features EXCEPT for the addendum printing feature.

With this new knowledge we collected a new feature set from our discussions with our dealers and built a platform that is exclusively an Addendum creation, management and printing platform.

Creating, printing and managing addendums has never been easier! is a revolutionary online service that takes the time and expense out of managing your dealership’s new vehicle addendums. Our patent pending application allows you to create addendums in seconds.

Print labels in seconds, not minutes

  • Print on inexpensive blank labels
  • No software to install
  • Use your existing printer
  • Intuitive interface requires no training
  • DMS integration
  • Single or Bulk printing
  • Easy re-print or update addendums
  • Default options added by model, make, or combination
  • Customizable QR code
  • Customizable slogan
  • Several addendum styles
  • 50 free labels to get started

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