DealerBuilt Appoints Jonathan Burr as Chief Information Officer

Grapevine, Texas, January 7, 2019 -- DealerBuilt, an enterprise Dealer Management System (DMS) for automobile dealers nationwide, today announced the appointment of Jonathan Burr as Chief Information Officer (CIO). DealerBuilt is a high-growth technology company providing dealers a relevant solution that is different from traditional market offerings, and Burr will be responsible for developing and executing DealerBuilt’s overall enterprise-wide IT strategy. 

Burr brings more than twenty years of technical, operations and team management experience to DealerBuilt across local, international, vendor, and outsourced operations, including serving as an industry consultant with ADP/CDK and several OEMs. His technical expertise spans across architectures, web development, analytical systems, and enterprise systems at major corporations including Cision, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, ADP/CDK, HP, AT&T, Sprint, Boeing, Accenture, and Proctor & Gamble.

“DealerBuilt continues to grow and differentiate itself in the marketplace with solutions for dealers that stand out from others and I am very excited to add someone with such a strong background as Jon to our team,” said Mike Trasatti, CEO, DealerBuilt/LightYear Dealer Technologies LLC. “His unique experience will enable us to continue to grow and innovate our technology to better serve the dealer community. His background consulting in the automotive industry with other DMS vendors and OEMs, as well as his success with similar systems in advanced industries beyond automotive, will greatly benefit our organization and our dealers. We have many exciting new developments Jon is working on that our dealers can look forward to in 2020 and beyond,” Trasatti added.

Burr's love for the automotive industry began growing up farming where he learned to repair various vehicles, and he continues to work as a part-time motorcycle mechanic. Over the past two decades, he has gained experience as a highly accomplished senior executive with a continuous and successful delivery track record of programs, projects, and operations management.

"I joined DealerBuilt as they are a stable, fast-growing company that offers dealers something different from the other offerings out there. I feel there is a huge opportunity as in the past, dealers had few options, and it has been difficult for them to gain the system flexibility they need to expand. DealerBuilt is the best example of providing dealers with the most options and flexibility. It is the solution that allows dealers to execute their vision for how their dealership should run. I am excited to be part of a team that works so closely with dealers to freely enable them to work with their data and other third parties and to integrate seamlessly with any needed interfaces. We make great efforts to help our dealers excel in the marketplace, and we are building new capabilities that drive value,” said Burr.

DealerBuilt was formed in 2008 to bring to market an enterprise DMS providing automobile dealer and dealer groups a viable alternative to the traditional market offerings. Over the years, it has seen increased demand for its more modern, scalable platform with an emphasis on being customer-centric and a dealer advocate for new and innovative services in the DMS space. DealerBuilt now provides hundreds of dealers with a consumer experience DMS (known as ceDMS) that empowers their staff to build processes best for them, encompassing a system centered around their customers.




About DealerBuilt:


DealerBuilt is a premier provider of Dealer Management Systems for retail automobile dealerships. DealerBuilt's integrated LightYear DMS has proven to be an effective solution for the operation of successful Dealers and Dealership groups of all sizes nationwide. DealerBuilt, located in Mason City, IA, and Grapevine, TX, has enjoyed steady growth as automobile Dealers seek additional choices to manage their dealer operations. For more information about DealerBuilt, call or visit (888) 808-0733 /

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