Discussion on tire repair vs replacement by car Dealership

People mostly don’t care much about the tires until a problem arises and at that time they need to take their vehicle to their call dealership or auto repair shop for replacement or repair. Whether to repair or replace the tires of your vehicle depends on various factors including the degree of damage and the location.

Considering the degree of damage

In case the tire’s sidewall is damaged, your car’s tire needs to be replaced. However, if it is only the threat that is damaged, you don’t necessarily have to go for replacement. Moreover, the tire will no longer be effective if there is a cut in the steel belt inside the tire. More than one puncture close to each other or punctures that are directly diagonal from one another cannot be repaired in general as the overlapped repair can make the area weak.

If the puncture is bigger than a ¼ inch in diameter, the repair will be ineffective and your tire requires replacement. In case your vehicle’s tires have a gash or cut, a repair can only work if the cut is smaller than a quarter-inch lengthwise.

Mobile tire Repair Company can perform a thorough check of your vehicle’s tires and help you decide whether the tires need repair or replacement. The factors to consider are:

Factors to consider while deciding on tire repair vs replacement

A car dealership discusses some of the important factors that you should keep in mind while deciding whether to repair or replace the tire:

Length of drive on the tire

The time duration of driving on the tire is one of the deciding factors for repairing or replacing the tire. Driving on a flat or low tire can badly damage the sidewalls of the tire resulting in hidden damages within the tire. Your vehicle’s tires have to be monitored entirely by removing them completely before going for any repair.

Punctured Tire

If the punctures are small with a diameter of less than one-fourth of an inch or less, the tire can be repaired until the puncture is placed between the grooves or in the middle of the tread area. Repair will work only when the cut is not much deep that it damages the inner steel belt of the tire.

Sliced Sidewall

Curbs, debris, and potholes are often found on the road and can’t be avoided. If you hit them hard, it can result in tire puncture and sidewall damage. Unluckily, there is no way to repair the sliced sidewall, so you will have to replace the tire if such damage occurs.

Valve Stem Leak

The tires of your vehicle can go flat without holes. It is because there are some other areas from where the air can escape out and one of them is the valve stem. In case your tire has leakage from the valve stem, the issue can be resolved easily by repairing using replacement cores and valve core equipment.

Uneven Tread Wear

Incorrect tire alignment can lead to uneven tread wear. It is a very common yet severe issue and needs to be resolved. Even a small tread could be dangerous as the tires will have a low grip on the road that may result in losing control of your vehicle while driving. This condition needs you to replace the tire as it is not possible to insert new treads on a bare tire.

Bottom line

It is suggested to take your vehicle to an expert care dealership or auto shop and don’t try to repair the tire yourself. Professionals can better inspect the tire properly and repair it to make sure that the tire is back to its pre-damage state. A car dealership can better tell you whether you need to repair or replace the tire.

We are aware of the fact that a flat tire can be troublesome and it can be expensive to replace the tire. But it is important to prefer your safety. Tires are one of the important components of your car that directly get in contact with the road. It is therefore important to inspect them properly from time to time and keep them in working condition to avoid costly repair or replacement.

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