Do You Follow Up on Accidents ASAP? (Safety Culture Tip #3)

Even in the safest auto dealership, accidents happen. In fact, what happens in your dealership in the hours following an accident is an excellent test of your positive safety culture. Here are a few things to look for:

(1) Response within minutes, or within 24 hours.
(2) Timely notification of claims.
(3) A thorough, prompt approach to accident investigation.
(3) Investigations that focus on finding solutions, not just blaming employees.

Did you notice how these four factors work together? If a Service Manager has a track record of being tactful and fair during accident investigations, employees are more likely to report accidents to him truthfully and promptly. This, in turn, allows the dealer to handle claims in a timely manner, and find ways to prevent future accidents by holding investigations when the incidents are still fresh in everyone?s mind.

Even though accidents aren?t good, the way they?re handled can actually reinforce morale. Also, each accident is an opportunity to gather important information that may help prevent similar incidents in the future.

Has your dealership discovered some good techniques for accident follow-up? I?d love to hear them.


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