With over 75 million users, over 6000 photo uploads in the last minute, over 72,000 photos tagged with jump, and over 3 million photos geo-tagged this month. Flickr is quickly becoming an extremely important digital marketing tool because it allows your dealership to market your inventory and brand through a very visually attractive social medium. Flickr can help you generate more traffic you your website and guarantee that your dealerships website ranks higher on all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Consider this when asking yourself if you should create a dealership Flickr account. According to NetRatings, Flickr is the fatest-growing photo sharing site on the web and it is the 7th most trafficked social media site overall.


First and foremost Flickr is primarily a photo-sharing social media outlet, owned by Yahoo. You can simply create your dealership a Yahoo Login ID and password to log onto Flickr and start using your account to tag your photos, share them with your fans and participate in the Flickr community discussions as well. The photos that you post on Flickr, could leave a lasting impression in the minds of the 75 million Flickr users and some of them might end up being potential car buyers as well. By Networking actively on the Flickr forums, you can build fan base and build a greater awareness about your dealership and all the services that you offer. You can also use the links from Flickr to further your link popularity as well.


Photos are not the only media that you can upload to Flickr. You can also upload the videos that you create for your Youtube account to Flickr and upload presentations about your vehicles and your service department.


Try these 5 strategies to market your dealership on Flickr:

  1.     Use your dealerships website name as your Flickr display name.
  2.     Take and use creative/relevant photos to advertise your dealership.
  3.     Actively participate in the Flickr forums. Find groups relevant to your dealership and join them.
  4.     Tag your photos with search terms that are relevant your dealership and the services that you provide. Provide a link to your Flickr account on your dealerships website.
  5.     Tether your Flickr account to your other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.


If you don’t have a Flickr account, its simple to set up and will ultimately become a valuable marketing tool for your dealership. Get your employees involved too and they will have a blast taking photos and videos of your dealership to upload to Flickr.

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