Don't "ABANDON" Your Dealer "SHIP" When It Comes To Recruiting (pt 1)

Calling all OEM Field Factory Reps, 20 Group Leaders, Dealer Group Platform Executive Managers, Dealer Counsel Members, National Training Directors, Regional VPs, Distributorship District Managers, Fixed and Variable Ops Directors!

Don't abandon your dealerships when it comes to recruiting. THEY need your help and YOU need their focus on selling and profitability.

There is a very simple solution which can eliminate your dealership(s) staffing challenges once and for all. Aside from developing a strong grass roots program (which I will be revealing to you in coming emails and blogs) you hold the key to your dealer's recruiting solution and here it is.

By leveraging the total number of your dealerships and their estimated recruiting needs with a reputable automotive recruiting company, you will:

  1. Have an on demand supply of high quality applicants on an as needed basis delivered right to your front door.
  2. Remove all the guess work from how to effectively recruit top talent for your dealers.
  3. Substantially reduce the cost that each dealership pays for recruitment advertising.
  4. Not have any long term contracts with job board providers, or usage requirements. Some months you need to hire 50 and some months you need to hire only 5. You shouldn't be penalized for your fluctuating needs.
  5. Avoid getting sucked into "use them or lose them" contracts with job board companies.
  6. Know to the penny what each dealership spends in recruitment advertising costs.
  7. Increase the quality of employees at each dealership, thereby increasing profitability.
  8. Eliminate costly errors that occur when mid level managers write advertising content.
  9. Protect your dealerships from litigation by having a 3rd party company be liable for all advertising content.
  10. Be able to cross over from one job board provider to the next based on which company is best each of your individual markets. (Ex. Monster works in Corpus Christi, TX, and Careerbuilder does NOT - Indeed works in Pasco, WA, and Careerbuilder...not so much).
  11. Shorten the time frame of your position vacancies.
  12. Be able to have hiring positions guaranteed, so your managers can focus on what they do best. They will simply pick up the phone, or send an email to place an order for the positions they need and the order will be filled by the recruiting company. Well, by ours at least. I can't really speak of the others.
  13. Experience an influx of new talent infusion into your dealership. We call it "bottom up" recruiting.
  14. Help your dealership avoid the costly mistake of using companies, out of sheer desperation, who charge applicants a fee for a job. More dealers are being sued by applicants who were preyed upon by those types of recruiting companies. Don't take my word for it, ask for "horror stories" while in your next 20 group meeting.

So, forward this to your company email list and let them know what you've been thinking but maybe not saying about your recruiting challenges. The simple fact is that recruiting has evolved far beyond what it was just a few years ago, just as technology has. It's highly competitive and very advanced. Everyone can stop the finger pointing. Dealers think sales managers should be good at it, and sales managers think HR should handle it. When frustration kicks in the General Manager has to take action and he/she has to do the foot work to find companies like ours and start fact finding to develop a game plan.

Quite frankly, it's not fair to expect your dealership managers to become experts in the recruiting field either. And for those of you who still think HR should handle all that, here's a NEWS FLASH! HR is NOT recruiting and recruiting is NOT HR. Your HR department has many functions that serve a vital purpose for the dealerships, but recruiting is definitely not their strong suit. Sorry, but it's just a fact. HR should be spending more time figuring out how to get your new hires on boarded and less time paying top dollar for recruiting tools they're not properly trained to utilize efficiently and effectively.

There are many things you CAN do to create an influx of quality applicants and I will be discussing those techniques and providing you with all the insights I've gained over the past 15 years of my automotive recruiting career in coming emails and blog posts. In the meantime if you need top talent and you need it now, give us a call and we'll get it handled for you. It's what we do better than any other company in the nation.

For a FREE no cost/no obligation recruiting assessment for your dealership(s), or dealer group please send us an email, or call us. We will assess your entire recruiting and will provide you with an analysis of what you'll need to properly and profitably staff your store(s) as well as what the cost would be. If you select us to provide you with any services we will back our services with appropriate replacement guarantees. Call us at 888-350-3310, or email us at

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