An open letter to all US market, dealership management:


We are offering to deliver 45 - 200+ highly-qualified buyers to your showroom, in the next 30 days, for $100 or less per Up; buyers that have already entered your market to buy, delivered to your dealership after seeing your offer." 


"No gimmicks, no BS, just verified buyers, actively looking to PURCHASE a vehicle in your market now...You get a bare minimum of 45 highly qualified buyers in your showroom with our program, in the first 30 days, or we give you your money back...period. (BTW that never happens, not one dealer on our program has dropped off in the last year and a half that it has been available to the Automotive market) 


We have dealers on our program that routinely wind up paying less than $35/qualified up, because we send as many buyers to your dealership as we can, for the very same, ridiculously low monthly fee. 


To save us both a lot of time: "No, there is no other sales and marketing program in the industry that gives you everything we are going to deliver." 


You may think you have been pitched or tried something like our program...bits and pieces in other offerings, maybe, but not this and certainly not with a money back guarantee in writing. 


We offer our program on an an exclusive basis by PMA.  We protect your dealership and we give you exclusive rights to target in your market.


We get only one real objection to our program: "...this sounds to good to be true."


So, we put our money where our mouth is with a money back guarantee. 


Why? because we intend to add 1,500 dealerships to the 100+ dealerships we already have on our program in the next twelve months.


Due to our exclusivity offer and larger dealership groups currently claiming and protecting their markets, we really only have about 1,500 spots left for the the entire US market.  Most importantly, you have only one chance to own your market.


One more thing, want us to tell you what dealerships are already on the program? Sorry, no can do.  We have STRICT privacy for dealerships on our program.  Would you want your competitors or any dealership knowing that you are grabbing ups right off their showroom floor, after they spent thousands of ad dollars to get them there in the first place?  We have plenty of verified quotes from dealers on the program with their names removed that you can read...did we mention there is a money back guarantee if we don't deliver as promised?


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