As you all sit and think of things to change that are not good in your life, as possible new years resolutions, stop for a moment and think about your strengths! Choose to strengthen your strengths!! Whatever your good at choose to be better. Whether it be family or work, or just in who you are as a person; personality, being humble, being forgiving, being giving! Maybe it's your positive attitude! Could be that you're very caring or you're a good helper!!! We all know our personal strengths and attributes; YOU, become more of what, YOU are that is good and I promise the good in you will guide you in the right direction. The good will push out and away those cigarettes. The good will overcome! You'll be able to think clearly. YOU WILL, go to the gym! You, will eat right! You, take care of you and your strengths first so you can be strong enough to see clearly to make all the choices that are right for you and yours! Happy New Years to all and make it a blessed one!!

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