How important are your car tires? Importance of tire pressure

Have you looked at your tires lately? Checking your tires pressure regularly and keeping the tires inflated can help keep your car running efficiently on the road. Tires are a crucial factor that plays a key role in keeping your car safety. Over time, tires tend to wear out so keeping a regular check is extremely important to get good gas mileage and the most out of your tires. Every car has a specific tire pressure which needs to be maintained to give you the best mileage and handling the life of your vehicle and tire. Considering that tires are the only component touching the road, it makes sense to take great care of the car tires to keep them smooth in the long run.

Tire Pressure

Every vehicle with tires have a different level of tire pressure and each tire should be kept inflated. Your vehicle should have the right pressure balance. Under-inflation of tires is a major cause of tire blowouts and loose tires which can lead to loss of car control. Similarly, over-inflation of the tires would make the tires more rigid, reducing the mileage and increasing the fuel consumption.

Tire condition

An important factor aside from tire pressure is the tire condition. The age, the condition and the measure of the tire tell about the durability of the car and it tells about the remaining lifespan of the tire. Typically, a tire lifespan is around five to six years. Even if you haven’t driven your car for a long time, the tires tend to wear out after some years. When considering the condition of a car, look if there are any excessive cracks or lumps. Tires with lumps or cracks may result in a blowout or an accident.

Tire Tread Depth

This may seem unreasonable to hear but low tire tread depth means poor traction. Racing cars run on tires with no tread which is a reason why they run so fast, as they put more rubber in contact with the track. Depending upon the road condition where you drive, your tire tread depth should be balanced accordingly. Losing tire tread depth can result in losing control of the vehicle and we should try to make that thing more properly and the depth should be checked more properly.

Tire Rotation

The tires fixed on the front and the back of your cars serve a different purpose, therefore, they are slightly different. The front tires are more likely to wear out the shoulders faster as they are used to steer the car while the rear tires tend to wear out more quickly as they are used for trailing behind. To make this right, keep your tires in regular rotation for smooth traveling.

Your safety relies on your tires

According to a survey, 1 in 10% of car accidents happens due to tire problems such as wear out, leakage, poor traction and tread separation. The above-mentioned factors are the key areas to be taken care of to maintain the security of your vehicle. Please take of yourself and your family by keeping a regular check on the car’s tires condition.

In conclusion, a good pair of tires and regular inflation of the tires can save some fuel of your car and prevent accidents. Make sure to ask the mechanic about the condition of your tires.

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Shawn Mc. Adams is a freelancer and a sales agent working for used cars from Japan. He holds many certificates in marketing and loves to help people to increase their sales. In his spare time, he likes to play Fifa and counterstrike.

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