How long does Roadside Assistance take to arrive?

Generally, the estimated time roadside assistance takes to reach the destination depends on where the help has been asked for. If the breakout zone is undeniably distant from the help zone, i.e., the assistance place, you may probably have to wait for a while, but otherwise, if the assistance is nearby.

However, there are still a few more reasonable answers to your question ‘how long does it take for roadside assistance to reach,’ so stay connected to find out more.

1)   The experts of roadside assistance in Orlando say that it takes them around 46 minutes from attending the help call to reaching the help out physically, which implies you may expect your assistance help to reach you around somewhat near.

2)      Experts also add that on average, a Roadside assistance service may take 50-60 minutes to reach out for help, and more depending on the weather, distance, and the service asked for.

3)      The fastest time arrival of the roadside assistance is by American Automobile Association (AAA) which is 35 minutes. It is the shortest assistance time recorded to date.

4)      The duration of the roadside assistance to pull in may also sometimes depend on the kind of service they are asked for. Flat tire, jump start service, and tire changing service requests may reach you sooner than towing service. 

The one apparent reason for this is, tire or jump-start service equipment is easily handleable, i.e., they can fit in a toolkit, whereas driving a tow truck to the destination may take some time in particular weather. 

5)      The time duration of the assistance to arrive may also depend on the type of company it is. Generally, a reputed company’s foremost priority is to service their customer on time without delay. However, companies with a different set of preferences but to reach on time may show up late.

In such cases, if you’ve asked a cheaper company for help, you may ask them for their tracking location to keep up with their every move. Dosing so can maybe give you some motivation to cope with your situation.

Where to call in case of Roadside Emergency?

We feel almost all roadside assistance requests are equally important, be it a case of emergency or otherwise, and that they all should be covered in time.

If you get stuck in any roadside trouble, contact Adams Towing & Roadside Assistance right away.

They offer 24 hours towing services and have a remarkable record for 7 years to reach the clients in time and service in the best way possible. This company provides a broad range of roadside services—Towing, Jumpstart, Locksmith, Flat tire, Fuel delivery, battery change, and much more.

If you are traveling in Orlando, FL, or its surrounding area, Adams Assistance can surely get you covered.

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