How to Choose the Right Diesel Turbo for Your Vehicle

Diesel engines are at the top when it comes to representing state-of-the-art technology in high power density, good fuel economy, and excellent drivability. It is now possible for diesel enthusiasts to easily upgrade for an additional performance booster as the aftermarket is full with numerous high-performance requirements. Being the most important air system component, turbo plays an essential role in performance equation. So, choosing the right diesel turbo charger is very important to meet your performance targets. How can you choose it? Well, it will depend on various factors. For a racing car, the solution will be quite simple whereas, for street trucks, it seems to be a little more complicated as drivability is considered to be a major concern.

Taking Stock:

At first, you need to decide where you need a brand-new turbocharger. Power stroke engines and Cummins could support a maximum power of around 350 – 400 HP to wheels with the help of a stock. On the other hand, the Duramax engines will strike a hot and smoky power of 500 Hp on the big tune. It is the right time to look for diesel turbo if you are towing for 500 to 800 HP. As far as black smoke is concerned, opting for a new diesel turbo will not only tackle this problem but will also add horsepower, boost pressure, and lower gas temperatures without any risk of failure.

Weights & Measures:

As you start looking for the appropriate sizes, the most sought-after measurements are turbine wheel diameter, turbine-side housing ratio, and inducer diameter of the compressor wheel. All these numbers will have a strong impact on the behaviour of turbo. Usually, stocks have large-diameter turbine wheels, small compressor-side inducers, and large exhaust housings. If the housing is too small, it will create a high drive pressure, which is found to be hard on engines and Hardwar. In contrast, larger housings control the pressure even at maximum speed and fuelling.

Turbo & Towing:

A large sized turbo is recommended if you are often times towing your heavy loads. Towing puts your vehicle under a tremendous load. This simply means that priority will be given to exhaust gas temperatures. With the help of a diesel engine, it is now possible to generate more power while running richer yet, it would be better on gas temperatures.

Consult an Auto Expert:

In this market, the buyers are required to speak with a reliable and trusted professional previous to making a purchase as it is useful in reviewing lists of questions in order to find out the right specifications. As diesel variants are quite expensive to maintain, buyers should certainly avoid buying one, which is in the need of immediate repair. Furthermore, buyers should ask their mechanic to provide an estimate regarding the installation cost.

Inquire for Maintenance Records:

Mostly, car owners should check, tune-up and repair their vehicles at a regular interval. Buyers must request the paperwork and receipts to assure the car is well-maintained. It is also important to know how often the oil is changed and what sort of product is utilized. Typically, turbocharged automobiles need the utilization of synthetic oils. If you try to use any conventional blends or oil, it may lead to irreparable damage.

The Final Verdict:

Automobile enthusiasts looking to prolong the lifespan of their cars and trucks should definitely consider buying a new or even used diesel turbo charger. You have to examine the thing before making the purchase. Major parts including timing belt and filler should be examined well to assure it is working in a proper condition.

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