How to find the right Car Mechanic in nearby?

Cars are costly assets owned and loved by people. We love and care for our cars more than any other asset. But there is one aspect that one must never undermine and that is car servicing. It ensures that the car is in good condition so that you enjoy a seamless drive. Moreover, regular servicing enhances the life of  the car’s engine. All this depends on who is doing the servicing of the car. Car mechanics don’t just check the type and repair the troubling parts of the car, a good mechanic has an eye for detail and he can find the root cause of the problem.

Regular care and servicing elongate the life span of our cars. There are various ways to judge and find the best car mechanic nearby which will get your job done at a low cost. Find the best car mechanic can be a tedious job but it is only for once.

Here are a few Tips on how to find the best Car Mechanic nearby:

  1. Hunt around: One of the common mistakes that people do when they are looking for a garage or mechanic is that they settle down with the first one, its often advisable to spend some time searching for them. They need to be certified and licensed to work . Moreover, a bit of sleuthing ensures that you have settled with the right person. Visit their store and talk to them about cars and your own requirements. You can easily judge if the car mechanic is comfortable in answering your questions or not and whether he is aware of all the technicalities of your car.
  2. Referral from friends: If the first step leaves you in a dilemma, you can skip on to the second one i.e. to seek help from your friends. People who own a car have knowledge about the best car mechanics around and can help you reach them. You can take multiple referrals and talk to the stores directly to know them better. Pay a visit to the store and look around at how the mechanics work.
  3. ASE Certification: Good mechanics will be ASE or Automotive Service Excellence  certified, thereby guaranteeing their quality of work. It is a good indicator to check whether the car mechanic is worth trusting or not.
  4. Quality of service: Along with the referrals, you must always inquire about the quality of service of car mechanics. You can also visit the store and talk to the store manager about certification, experience, training and knowledge of the car mechanics to assess the quality of their service. At the end of the day, you're doing all these researches only to get quality service. There's no use sufficing with untrained people as it will only draw more troubles.
  5. Check whether he has the AAA-Approved Auto Repair Network certification: This is one of the trusted parameter to find a mechanic. Even if you don’t get an AAA approved workman, check out the AAA approved shop, they will have the qualified technician to do the work. These shops offer 12month/12,o00 miles warranties on all repair.  
  6. Cost of servicing: Due avoid getting charged heavily for minor servicing, you must always make it a point to discuss and deduce the cost of servicing and get a detailed quote. Getting multiple quotes from various car mechanics lets you decide and choose the one with best services under your budget. However, do not compromise with quality to save a little amount of money. You can look over a car mechanic only if the difference in prices are very high.
  7. Start small: If you are test and trial phase and want to check whether the mechanic can really work efficiently or not, then you can start small, avail services like oil change, wheel alignment, tire pressure check etc. If you are satisfied with their work , then you can hand them over the mammoth task of complete care servicing.
  8. Stick to the best, always: Once you've found the best car mechanic for all your car servicing and repairs, always try to stick to them for long relationships. This builds trust and car mechanics tends to do extra for you to keep the old customers happy. Get your cars checked and repaired regularly.


With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily find the best car mechanic in your own locality. You can also visit the car seller company at regular intervals if you can afford the bills. Otherwise, building a good relationship with the car mechanic for all your car services and repairs would be beneficial for you.


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