How To Set Up Your Marketing Like A SuperHero!

How To Set Up Your Marketing Like A SuperHero!

The first thing I would say is read the book called the "E-myth" by Michael Gerber.

Secondly you have to organize your systems around departments:

  • marketing systems: the way you acquire new customers
  • sales systems: the strategies you use to convert those customers
  • fulfillment systems: how you develop and deliver your products and services
  • administration systems: how you run your business in the backend

Then every time you do something more than once (which likely happens every day in the beginning) such as "creating a new post on wordpress" write down the steps in a text only process sheet, using a list/bullet point format (e.g. "step 1, do this, step 2, do that, etc.).

It really starts with baby steps. First try to build a viable business model that is profitable, and once you have that you can start building the system to support your business.

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