How to still use Craigslist to drive traffic to your dealership!

By now you are aware that Craigslist has recently implemented a new $5 charge to post dealer inventory onto their website.  While some are upset because they are losing the ability to post ads at no charge to supplement other advertising campaigns, the reality is that this now increases the value of the time, effort and cost of what is posted. Craigslist will now become a much more viable source for you to advertise used car inventory while driving more traffic into your dealership.
But how do you know what to post? How much to spend? Wouldn't having the right info take the guess work out and save you time? Of course it would and that's why I highly recommend's CarLine EvaluatorWith Craigslist now charging $5 per ad, the key will be strategically utilizing market data and private sellers preferences to maximize lead volume while minimizing out-of-pocket costs. That is just what we provide with our patent pending technology!  
Please read the sample market report attached at the bottom of this post.  To find out more about this new technology please feel free contact me direct by email at I would love to share this and other strategies to drive traffic to your dealership!

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