How to Update and Completely Replace the Faulty Ford PCM in Your Car?

Summary: The Ford PCM when generally goes faulty has got only one option, and that is to be completely replaced. There are certain methods of removing it because all the sensors and batteries are delicately attached within the car.

The Tool Briefing helps in providing the tips that are applicable in the real world and advice for using the tools that are specifically used for accomplishing particular tasks. The power train computer module, or more popularly known as the PCM is one of the major part of the emission and engine control system in the Ford Trucks. It is placed inside the vehicle under the dashboard of the passengers located on either side. The major functioning of the PCM is to monitor, control and regulate a wide variety of systems, namely the ignition timing, the ratio in which the fuel and air are mixed and the transmission control. It can also diagnose the problems of the engine and then generating the codes, which can be read and interpreted by the electronic diagnostic tool.

When the check engine light in the trucks are turned on, the first thing to be reached out for is the scan tool. The light gets turned on when the Ford PCM considers the tailpipe emissions to be above the threshold level. The codes that start with the 'P0' are very generic, and they can be retrieved easily with the help of the basic code reader, but for the short term and long term fuel trims you require the scan tool. The reports presented by the scan tools are represented by the graphs. While it is quite common for many to trace multiple data channels, the scan tools for the computers and laptops do have a chance of retrieving graphs up to eight channels in one go.

There are certain things that are necessary for replacing and repairing the PCM in a Ford Truck- open ended wrenches, the socket set, slotted screwdrivers and pair of gloves. How is the entire process carried out?

  • The hood is to be popped up, and the negative terminal of the battery is removed with the open end wrench and then the positive terminal. Give some time for the entire battery to settle down and wait before your start working on the PCM.

  • The bolts that retain the electrical connection to the PCM is supposed to loosen using the socket wrench.

  • You need to bring the PCM out from the passenger seat, but before that, you need to remove the scuff plate and the kick plate. That will help to slide out the PCM without bringing any damage to it.

  • Often the process of Ford PCM Repair turns out to be too expensive, and even a complete repair cannot be assured. So most of the auto technicians prefer to completely replace it with a new one when found faulty. Once this is being completed, set the connections and fix the bolts back to its place. Replace the negative and the positive terminals of the battery and beware of engaging any static electricity that often damage the PCM.

Author Bio: Diyana Lobo, has had years of experience in working with the automobile industry. In this article he writes how to remove and replace the Ford PCM.

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