When I woke this morning,

I ‘strapped on’ a correct, positive mindset,

Much like a soldier going into battle.

Which is what being in sales today is like.

(That is no disrespect to our true heroes.)

I took stock of yesterday’s successes &

failures, and I learned from both.

I vowed to improve today’s results.

As I always do.

I spoke kindly with everyone I came in contact with,

Nodding, smiling and ensuring they knew

I was conscious of their presence,

Conscious of their life and significance.

Remembering that I always help set the tone.

Wherever I go.

Whatever I do.

I create enthusiasm.

I create energy.

I create relationships.

It’s my calling.

This is not a hobby.

This is not something I’m ‘trying out’ for a moment.

It’s my heart.

And the world needs me.

And others like me.

Now more than ever.

I am a sales pro.

And I will close you.




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Comment by Allen Geissler on June 16, 2010 at 4:29pm
Thats great.
Comment by Mike Sheehy on June 10, 2010 at 10:39am
Great encouraging words. Sounds like you’re very passionate about your profession, and I’m sure your clients know that from speaking with you. More businesses should have something like this read to their employees.

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