Individualism Has No Place in a Pandemic

There's a "public" in public health

Pandemics don’t care where you were born.

They don’t discriminate based on gender, sexual preference, or the color of your skin.

Pandemics don’t care who you voted for, nor whom you support in 2020.

They don’t pay attention to what cable news channels you watch, radio stations you listen to, or whether you’re liberal or conservative.

Pandemics run roughshod over B.S., lies, and rosy forecasts.

Whether you’re rich or poor, old or young, healthy or unhealthy, a pandemic doesn’t discern.

You can shout in capital letters on Twitter, issue threats, or bury your head in the sand, and it won’t matter.

But somehow, there’s a partisan divide on the dangers of coronavirus.

The strongest weapon against a pandemic is the truth. Pandemics are best defeated by facing facts and taking action.

That action begins with the individual, but it is designed to benefit the public. And right now, that means taking a good hard look at what’s going on in other countries (see Italy, South Korea) and stepping up your efforts of social distancing.


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