Last Year’s Restitution.. Are you the rightful owner?


By now most have their wish list for the New Year …?
Annual Forecast should be turned in as well…

That doesn’t mean taking last years and simply changing the date either!
Along with the forecast should also be a well thought out game plan of attack.

How much thought do we really put into that plan?
Is it a punishment? Are we doing it just because the manager told us to or just do not think it is really all that necessary to have goals, visions, plans or a strategy?

Ralph Waldo Emerson did say “To be successful, you must first see success.”

Try this… Next time you leave work and get into your car or demo try closing your eyes and see if you successfully make it home.
To make it successfully down the street it would obviously help to see the success at the end of the street. If we take our eyes off that success even for a split second the results could be disastrous or worse yet fatal…

In order to properly make a new forecast or have another New Year’s Resolution, we should reflect back on the previous year…
Did we successfully accomplish our forecast and conquer our New Year’s Resolution?

Great… Good for You! Cheers to you! That sense of accomplishment is very rewarding, but…
Now what? Time to do it all over again only bigger and better… Or accomplish a new victory!

Is there such a thing as too much gross?
We had a great day, awesome week, record breaking weekend, kick ass month! That’s enough?
Records are meant to be broken not tied… we could always use another unit, more reserve, added penetration, additional market share exposure… More, More, More. Yes again and Yes More!

We already know enough is never enough with anything we are passionate about…

Family, Spiritual, Health, Community, Education and FINANCE which help  and lead to the following:
Provide, Fund, Donate, Contribute, Invest, Maintain all these things not to mention stimulate the economy which allows all these things to be possible.

That being said it really is something to take quite seriously and not an afterthought…

Past year’s unfulfilled resolutions or forecast should not be swept under the rug, dismissed, abandoned or even forgotten or thrown into the closet like a collection of skeletons…

Instead they should be studied, dissected, analyzed, and understood…
Be proud of what you accomplished, but don’t stop there… Accomplish more!

Reflect on your success and cherish your failure as a way to learn from it and relish in the defeat of failure because it is now a more understood enemy and can be more easily defeated…

Plot your course to success with instinct, experience, wisdom and knowledge and faith…
The path of least resistance does not make you any stronger and usually yields the least fruit…
A New Year’s Resolution can simply be previous year’s restitution!

How many New Year’s Resolutions are never met? Percentage? Any guesses?
What the heck? Let’s just make another one… it’s a clean slate, empty canvas and a fresh start?

… if it wasn’t for the blood of a butchered resolutions from the past or images of canvas full of reminders or a spoiled not so fresh start from the rotting, and decay of post mortem resolutions and forecast that have eluded us.

My New Years Resolution… Restitution!!
Yes I am going to take ownership in what I didn’t accomplish… and Take back what I have lost!
Reclaiming it as the rightful owner… A wiser now more appreciative owner thus more deserving!

I figure that’s enough busy work for a year rather than conjuring up new New Years Resolutions!

I wish everyone from the bottom of my heart a Blessed, Prosperous, Healthy and Better New Year!
Just remember… It is a New Year and we were lucky enough to see it so please don’t waste it…

There are others that were not quite as lucky!
Part of the reason I live every day to not take that for granted… even when I do at times I am still reminded that I’m alive to take it for granted…

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