Lets Use Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology in Dealerships

For personal and professional success, emotional intelligence goes a long way. It facilitates intra-personal contentment and satisfaction; it enhances communication and interpersonal connection; and it creates quality relationships, People buy from those they know, like and trust. Emotional intelligence sets that relationship and makes the emotional connection to accelerate sales.

In teams and organizations, it has a high correlation with performance, productivity and achievement. It enhances leadership, improves customer relations, lowers stress, improves engagement and generates superior productivity. 

Personally, it generates more energy; supports health, wellness and fitness; creates emotional connection; and leads to higher levels of happiness. 

Quick wins:

  1. 90% of top performers have high EI
  2. People with positive emotions earn over 33% more thru life
  3. The more complex a job, the more the value of EI rises
  4. When competing for a promotion, a high EQ beat out high IQ 75% of the time
  5. 71% of hiring managers surveyed say EQ is more important than IQ

The research and statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate high returns with minimal investment. The key returns for any organization:

  • Enhances self-esteem, worth and confidence
  • Improves positive emotions focusing both energy and effort while minimizing distractors
  • Manages stress and impulsivity
  • Facilitates high quality relationships
  • Empowers high level soft skills
  • Enables flexibility, adaptability and creativity
  • Delivers client centered problem solving and service
  • Establishes influence, leadership and teamwork through dynamic connection
  • Secures, retains, motivates quality team players to engage and perform at peak levels
  • Adds to bottom-line, measurable achievement through performance and productivity
  • Enhances sales and customer service

At dealerships, hiring for emotional intelligence and developing it at all levels adds to overall success. Sales rise, customer service is enhanced; employee retention rises....

Are you taking full advantage to succeed?

Check your emotional intelligence at WWW.EIQ-2.COM or by contacting RJerus@Success-Dynamics.Org (863) 420-1929. Get the EIQ Guy as your competitive advantage.

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