Performance Corner: Why People Modify their Vehicle's Exhaust

There are an innumerable amount of modifications available for vehicles today. Whether simply for style, or to increase your vehicle's performance, it can be difficult to choose what extras are worth your time and money.

One common modification that often is one of the first upgrades people make on their vehicles is the exhaust system.

You may ask, why modify your vehicle’s exhaust? There are a number of benefits that can come from upgrading your exhaust, including both stylish looks and increased performance.


Power Boost:

Adding an aftermarket performance exhaust system to your vehicle can help up the power of your engine. High flow exhausts create a more efficient exit route for exhaust gasses, allowing your engine to breath better.

This increases the amount of fuel and air your engine can burn, which in turn increases the horsepower of your vehicle.

While it is not a significant power increase all on it’s own, this, paired with other power increasing performance mods, can make quite the impact on a previously unaltered vehicles power.


Sound Improvement:

Performance exhausts may not be considered quieter than the stock exhaust your vehicle comes with, but they often offer a smoother sound. After market exhausts may be louder while your vehicle is idling, but as soon as you start to accelerate you will be able to hear the difference.

A performance exhaust will keep your vehicles sound to a low, smooth growl.


Fuel Efficiency:

Surprising to many people, an aftermarket exhaust upgrade can actually improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency. As exhaust upgrades create a less restrictive airflow through the engine, they also increase the efficiency of how the engine burns fuel.

Combining this with other modifications that increase fuel efficiency can save you money on fuel costs in the long run.


It Looks Great:

In addition to the ways in which an aftermarket exhaust can increase your vehicle's performance, there is one more benefit they offer: they look good.

Adding a dual- or side-exit exhaust with sleek chrome mufflers to your vehicle adds style, and let’s everyone know that your vehicle is above and beyond the basics.


Parting Thoughts:

If you are debating what type of modifications you’d like to add to or upgrade on your vehicle, you’ve probably considered an aftermarket exhaust. But why upgrade your vehicle's exhaust? There are many benefits, both to performance and style, as to why an aftermarket exhaust is a great upgrade for your vehicle.

It will increase your engine's horsepower, help maximize your fuel efficiency, give your vehicle a smooth sound, and add some upgraded style factors. Not only do exhaust upgrades provide these benefits, but they are also one of the most affordable performance enhancing vehicle modifications available.

Anyone looking to add some after-market details to their vehicle should consider a performance exhaust system as something that will add value in more ways than one.


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