Phone Skills: Getting The Subprime Customer To Make An Appointment

When a customer has credit issues , it becomes more difficult to get them in the door. Keep in mind that you are probably not the first dealer they have talked to.

To help, here are some questions and answers I have used over the last 39 years.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get a car?

A. Yes and No, Yes, I have seen it happen every day. I have seen many customers walk in and drive away in a car the same day. No means that you have not come in yet to choose a vehicle and we haven’t had a chance to talk one on one, let’s do that at 1:00 today.

Q. What will my payments be?

A. Your payments can never be more than you can afford. Our banks take the time to understand your finances. Let’s get them involved when you get here at 1:00

Q. How much money will I need down?

A. That’s a great question, and we work with many banks that have their own set of guidelines, the best thing to do is to come in so we can get you set up with the right bank for you, is 1:00 or 1:30 better for you?

Q. How much do I need down?

A. If you’re looking to buy a Ferrari, you will need a lot down, are you looking for a Ferrari? If not the down payment will be less. We can discuss that when you come in at 1:00

Q. How much am I approved for?

A. That depends on you. Were you looking for a high payment or a low one? No matter what, you will never have a payment you don’t want to make. We can discuss that when you come in at 1:00.

Q. I have talked to dealers before, and I couldn’t get financed.

A. I am sorry that they wasted your time, we specialize in matching customers such as yourself with banks that can offer you financing. That’s all we do, and that is why we were chosen out of all the dealers in this area to have this program. I can get you in at noon if you are in a rush.

Q. What type of cars do you have?

A. We have a great selection, and that is why we need to meet as soon as possible before the car you want gets sold, is 1:00 or 1:30 better for you?

Q. What type of cars do you have?

A. Hundreds, how many do you want. If you only want one then let’s get you to the dealer to find it, is 1:00 or 1:30 better for you?

Q. What are my payments going to be?

A. Don’t worry. The bank will not give you a payment you can’t afford, that is why you need to bring me a recent paycheck when you come here today, is 1:00 or 1:30 better for you?

Q. I only want an Explorer.

A. That’s great, what color? Let’s get you in at 1:00 so we can make that happen.

Q. Do I need a co-signer?

A. Do you have one? If so let’s bring them with you at 1:00, if not we will see you at 1:00.

Q. I have terrible credit

A. You would be amazed at how eager the banks are these days to help customers like yourself. Let’s get you in at 1:00 today and get you driving.

Q. I have terrible credit

A. Me too, it tough to make ends meet sometimes, and it’s harder without a car to get you around. Let’s talk about that when you come in at 1:00.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. We only need three things when you come in today at 1:00

1. Who you are – Driver’s License

2. What you make - Paycheck stub, retirement, etc.

3. Where you live - Utility bill from your residence


Most people will only remember three things when you talk to them over the phone. Don’t worry about down payment at this point. Most customers have a debit card with them. Please don’t get hung up on docs, and most are available on the internet so you can get them later. References, every customer has a cell phone with numbers in them, and every customer will bring their cell phone with them.

Never make credit, job time, down payment, or income an issue... just make the appointment.

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